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The next step in the process is to identify evidence that your intervention, your “I” in your PICO question, is supported in the literature.

Based on the PICO question you picked in the Unit 2 Assignment, find a quantitative research study about the intervention (not the problem) related to the problem identified.

Do not use a website to find research articles.

Use the Library tab’s databases.

You will need to use the search techniques you learned in Unit 2, the library tutorial assignment for Unit 1, and the article that was linked to in the Unit 2 assignment.

Use the keywords that you identified for “intervention” in your Unit 2 PICO assignment. These are your search terms.

Directions for Search:

In CINAHL, using the library tab directions from a previous assignment, put those keywords in the search box.

Further narrow your search by using the search options for full text and evidence-based practice.

Use the search box “Publication Type” and choose “Randomized Controlled Trial.”

Tiffany Sims
NUR 324-8
In the acute care setting, does the implementation of a nurse-led rounding program compared
to no rounding program decrease patient falls?
P- Problem -Patient falls
I-Intervention-No Falls
O-Outcome- Patient will not have a fall.
The scope of the problem is the facility that the patient resides in, and the problem is not at
one facility it is at all facilities. Falls is the number one problem at any and every long-term
Due to patient falling and having injuries will cost the facility because when a patient falls and
breaks a hip or etc. That causes for the facility to get a visit from the state and if there is a
problem and the facility gets a j tag then the facility is losing money per day until the J tag is
cleared. The safety of the patient is so important because most of the time, the cause of the fall
is due a patient having to use the bathroom and is unable to find his or her call button. The
patient then tries to get out of bed and might not have any shoes or non-skid socks on and slips
and falls.
Significance of the problem to nursing is important because if the nursing staff is making rounds
on their patient throughout the shift it could prevent some of the falls. Most time nurses check
on the patients and they might be sleep and some patients wake up out of no where and is
pushing to go to the bathroom. When a patient is in a push to go to the bathroom, they are not
going to look for the call light or even have the patience to find the call light.
Williams, Robey (2009, Feb) Patient Falls Acute Care
De Haan, Tutuarima, Number of Nursing Staff and falls
Majkusova, Fall Risk Factors in an Acute Setting

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