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Since March of 2020, it seems the world has been turned upside down first with the Corona Virus and the egregious cost to BIPOC communities. The unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Abery ignited millions of people to march with the Black Lives Matter Movement to demand complete systemic change. We have just all found ourselves at the unexpected crossroads between an old world and a newly emerging world. We find ourselves stepping into a mythological crossroads begging for a change in the great narrative of humanity. Meade calls this a “Kairos Moment” in his book,

The Genius Myth

on pg 56-57:

Change, which is the only constant thing in this world, happens in the flash of a moment. People can prepare for a great change and make careful plans, and yet, in order to make the change, all preparations and expectations must be released in favor of the flash of vision and inspiration. Of course, ancient people had a name for that moment when time stands still when the usual forces are suspended and almost anything can happen. In Sanskrit, the opportune moment was called


, “or the flash in time, the inspired instant.” In Greek, the moment that becomes momentous was called Kairos. The Kairos moment opens before us and we must become swift as a bird or else miss out on the opportunity to slip past the guardians and ride through the gates of time. Kairos names the moment of sweeping change that arrives “just in the nick of time” and turns everything around. The opportune moment is a crack in time in which, a breach in the march of time in which the eternal enters and redeems us from certain doom.

The ancient Greeks had two primary words for time: kronos and kairos. Kronus referred to sequential time, the “chronological” order of time marching on; the arrow of linear time always moving forward. Thus, time waits for no one. Kronos is quantifiable and measurable time; the hourglass emptying out, the end of time coming ever closer and closer. Kairos referred to a different order of time altogether, a timeless stretch that cannot be scheduled ahead of time. Whereas kronos stands for quantitative time, Kairos time is qualitative by nature. Under the unforgiving rule of kronos, we have to be on time, do our time, and pay our dues. When we are under the influence of Kairos, time opens up before us, there is a break in time as something timeless and beyond time enters and alters the world around us. The Kairos moment arrives when it will, when the time is just right when things become more possible and life is ripe for change. Kairos is the mythic moment, that is the end and beginning at once, when the hard pulse of time becomes “once upon a time,” and past, present, and future secretly converse with one another, (56-57).

If you were to analyze our culture, why could you call these last few years the time of Kairos? What opportunity has Covid, BLM, and all the other large events of these unprecedented times presented to us? What were some of the structures of our society, of our species, that clearly needed to be re-visioned? Think of Inanna lending her ear to the Great Below, or the Child Archetype of Kirakou arriving just when we had become complacent in our unsustainable practices. Does Allegory of the Cave come to mind with the veil of illusion seems to have dropped? What is this Kairos moment trying to teach us? How have you found yourself growing or deepening? How has your genius met this Kairos moment?

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages. Please quote from within the class readings or media at least three times. Your paper needs to have a works cited page. The paper is one-part personal journey and one-part conversation with ideas presented in Meade, Paris, Jung, Kimmerer, Kiriakou, “The People Could Fly” and

Mythic Journeys,

and one-part analysis of the changing times


How are these writers helping you to discover the writing on the walls of your heart?

Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.
– Horace
We live in critical times, amidst a worldwide shaking up and breaking
down, surrounded by radical changes that severely affect both nature and
culture. The world is churning all around us, overheating with climate
change and rising seas, but also awash with profound problems and
intensifying conflicts. Given the size, scope, and complexity of the problems
that currently threaten the world, there can be no single idea, specific
political movement, or patented belief system that can save us. Rather, all
kinds of ingenious solutions are needed; all types of inspiration, invention,
and originality are now required. The idea of a genius self already present
and trying to awaken within each of us may serve us better than more
common notions of a heroic solution. Awakening genius is a necessary step
on the way to becoming a genuine individual and an active agent in the
reimagining of the world. Consciously seeking to awaken inner genius may
provide a refuge from chaos and an antidote for the spread of nihilism and
the increasing levels of despair that characterize a world gone wrong. Each
person born, in some unique way, participates in the genius of life and the
world at this time is in great need of an awakening of the genius qualities
hidden in each of us.
Rather than a heroic journey undertaken by a select few, the genius
myth imagines that everyone by virtue of bearing some genius qualities is
subject to a genuine calling in life. The question becomes not whether or
not you are a genius, but in what way does genius appear in you and how
might it contribute to your own well-being and benefit the world around
The future of this world is so much in question that each person needs
to be considered a potential subject of a genuine “calling” to serve in some
meaningful way. Not the sense that “many are called, but few are chosen.”
Rather, the sense that the genius nature in each person is subject to a calling
and needed at this time. For, it is the genius within us that our calling is
calling to. Everyone has some gift to give if they learn to give from their
essential nature.
Genius is the source of purpose and the seed of destiny in each of us.
Despite modern confusions about individual purpose and meaning in life,
the genius has destinations and destinies in mind for us. A true calling is
aimed at the genius qualities already set within each person. In this old way
of seeing, each person has some form of genius, each also has a calling or
vocation and a purpose in life. On the outside it is felt as a calling and on
the inside it is felt as the awakening of one’s own way of seeing and of truly
being in the world.
In times of change, just as in periods of personal crisis, there can be
intensification and an acceleration of calling. Whether it comes as a
daunting challenge or a crushing blunder, a big dream or a cutting loss, each
major life event has within it an opportunity to awaken to the call of the
deeper self and the resident genius of the soul.
What calls us calls for the giving of the inherent gifts and natural
talents we brought to life to begin with. What calls to us calls to the dream
set within our soul before we were born. Because each soul is unique,
calling comes differently to each person. There is no pattern into which we
must fit, because it is the unique pattern at the core of each soul that is
the aim of the calling. Because what calls to us is timeless, the calling can
come at any time. At each turn in the road our life’s work awaits us; thus,
our calling keeps calling no matter our age, position, or condition in life.
In answering the call we must depart from the common maps and follow
where spirit would have us go; for the aim of spirit in each life involves
something uncommon and exceptional. Answering the call opens pathways
of genius and imagination that can lead to finding one’s “dharma” or natural
way of being in life and serving in the world. We are each called to become
more fully ourselves and our transformation liberates our spirit, but it also
serves something beyond ourselves. In transforming each of us, genius also
transforms the world.
The problem isn’t a lack of calling, for each of us is called to bring
something meaningful to life. Calling and vocation are part of the ancient
sense of being born into an adventure of self-discovery aimed at awakening
to greater consciousness and life purpose. The problem is that most people
now fail to hear the call or else fail to answer to it, so that there can be little
evidence of genuine calling to learn from or be encouraged by. The problem
is hearing the call amidst increasing levels of distraction and confusion in
modern life.
Genius points to something deeply ingrained, markedly original, and
ultimately transcendent in human nature. Although widely accepted in
traditional cultures, the idea that genius is an original spirit residing in each
soul causes problems in modern societies based upon objectivity, rationality,
and scientific methods. Modern people tend to talk about things that are
useful to them without realizing that the most useful thing in the world
is to know who you are at the core of your life and what you are intended
to serve in this world. The call to awakening that has been the inherited
opportunity of each soul born becomes harder and harder to hear because
of all the distractions and misinformation and blatant superficiality of life.
During the statistical era and the age of information, genius becomes
reduced to something quantifiable that can be proven, measured, and even
developed by will power and hard work. In some cases, genius does appear
as high intellect or reason, yet in others it might appear as surpassing
imagination, inspired innovation, or even deep compassion. The presence
of genius can be awe-inspiring; thus we know it when we see it. However,
the understanding of genius now suffers from attempts to reduce it to
something measurable and controllable.
Genius has its own logic and is a presence of a different order. Genius is
a mythological presence that must be intuited in one’s own soul. Although
it cannot be factually proven to be present, the presence of genius is a fact of
life and a defining issue of each person’s true identity.
No one can simply prove that human genius exists; yet we know it when
we see it and feel it when we hear it. We celebrate its presence in all the
awards that must be given out each year as if we must continuously mark its
presence just as its presence continues to mark each person born as unique
and worth celebrating in some way. Each time we celebrate the genius
qualities or accomplishments of those who succeed, we are unwittingly
blessing the genius that each carries within; for everyone has some genius.
As the source of uniqueness and spark of individual life, genius is
an indelible, if often overlooked, element of the human soul. Whether it
is called a guardian angel or an inner muse, a divine twin or the genius
within us, this original resident spirit of the soul gives each person inner
purpose and a unique way of perceiving life. The genius of a person refers
to a distinct and distinguishing complex of inner gifts and innate talents
as well as native potentials, but also to a unique style or way of being that
characterizes each person from within. Genius is the inner spark and spirit
that animates each soul, that makes each person born unique, never to be
repeated again, but also makes us purposeful and meaningful from within.
When human efforts are reduced to blind production and consumption,
life becomes reduced to consuming the world and being consumed with the
obvious. People become increasingly available to distractions and obsessions,
to trivia and nostalgia. Under the rule of literalism and the dominance of a
statistical world view, the children of modern mass cultures can easily find
themselves feeling devoid of all purpose and lacking in direction exactly at
the time when you would expect them to awaken to a meaningful life. What
seems troubling in a new way is that hordes of young people, both educated
and less fortunate, enter independent life believing that they are empty
inside and lacking any inherent purpose for being in this world.
The myth of the modern world is that this world has no meaning, that
it has no center and that we, who find ourselves in the midst of a random
universe, are simply accidental beings, both empty of a personal center and
lacking in any essential purpose in life. The genius myth offers the sense
that each soul enters this world gifted in certain ways and distinctly shaped
from within. In the same way that each infant arrives with a unique set
of fingerprints as well as precise brain printing, each soul bears an inner
imprint and unique psychic pattern. Human nature includes the hallmark of
genius and a stamp of uniqueness provided by great nature. Nature produces
life on a massive scale, yet each person born remains singular, never to be
repeated. Just as there is no such thing as an average rainfall or an average
tree, there is no such thing as an average person. We each stand on the
common ground of life with our own way of being present and our own
once in a lifetime chance at becoming the person we are intended to be.
Genius stamps each soul as rare and valuable in some way that can
both satisfy the individual and serve the world. When seen as an archetypal
presence in the soul, human genius marks each person—regardless of age,
gender orientation, ethnicity, or social status—as being essentially unique
and inherently valuable. More than raw talent or potential ability, genius
gives a person their unique way of being in and contributing to the world.
In mythic terms, it is axiomatic that each soul enters the world
accompanied by a divine twin, guardian angel, or inner guide of some sort.
Traditional cultures around the world have imagined an inner pattern that
shapes the soul and guiding force of some kind. Until modern times, all
cultures imagined that each soul arrives with something indelible within
that makes each person born a valuable and potentially meaningful
individual. Modern attention may focus upon the distinct fingerprints or
palm print of each person in order to prove their outer identity. Ancient
cultures focused more attention upon the innate qualities and longings that
form the true identity of each soul. Amidst the threats and dangers of the
modern world there will be ever more refined ways of checking the identity
of each person; the question is whether there will be meaningful ways for
people to become who and what they are intended to be.
We may have to invent ever more refined ways to prove who we are at
the level of common life in order to gain entrance to public places, and to
avoid identity theft. Yet a great thievery has already taken place wherein
people no longer imagine that they are genius-born, spirit made and
intended to contribute something meaningful to the world.
Variation and diversity are part of the magic of creation as well as the
wonder of nature. Diversity and uniqueness are also essential ingredients for
the survival and meaning of the human species. Thus, no two humans share
the same genetic makeup. None of the billions of humans on earth share
the same exact configuration of the base pairs of DNA that are strung on
the double helix of inherited genes. We are intended to be unique beings
and rare souls even from a biological perspective, as there is no single way of
being. Neither is there a general form of intelligence; more like billions of
intelligent forms seeking more than simple preservation of the species. Just
as surely as each of us bears a precise DNA pattern within our cells, we each
arrive with a unique and valuable style intended to give more presence to
life and greater beauty and imagination to this world.
The genius in us knows from the outset how we are shaped and styled
within and how we are aimed at life. Yet, we may rarely feel or fully grasp
our greatest natural inheritance: the sense of inner meaning and purpose
seeded in our lives. The ancient reverence for the individual, at times so clear
and important, becomes easily lost amidst the collectivism of mass culture.
For, despite touting themes of individual freedom, modern cultures are
permeated with an atmosphere of literalism, materialism, and collectivism.
The growing despair under the shining surface of mass culture arises from
the sense that collective life increasingly lacks meaning and individual life
serves no real purpose.
Despite all the ways of being connected to the modern world, in the
depths of ourselves we often feel more isolated and alone. In a world of
mass marketing, mass communication, and often massive confusion, it
becomes increasingly important to have some idea of who we each are at
seed and what we each have come to life to give.
Amidst the massing of mass cultures and the rise of collectivism, it has
become more difficult to feel genuine longing and the natural belonging
from which new forms of human community and healthy ways of
reconnecting to nature can be imagined and conceived. The notion of each
individual having their own resident genius becomes ever more important as
the world spins faster and faster around us, for something older and wiser
keeps trying to catch up to us. Whereas mass cultures favor duplications
and replications, nature only produces originals. There may be no time
more pertinent for the rebirth of genius than this age of mass culture and
technological dissociation.
The common notion of genius refers to the exceptional person within
the norms and expectations of society. However, the original sense of genius
indicated that which is exceptional in each person born. Considering genius
in this older, wiser sense shifts the question from whether a particular
person might test out to be a genius to how each person might find their
genius. Instead of simply elevating people with certain kinds of intelligence
or talent, the issue becomes a consideration of how and in what way genius
seeks to manifest in each person born. The sense that each of us, regardless
of place of origin or social background, has inner gifts and something
significant to contribute to the world has practical benefits at both the
individual and cultural level.
While each society must define its norms and standards of behavior,
genius works outside of norms and sets its own standards. As the exact
inner shape and often exacting spirit that is native to each person, genius
brings its own expectations for life. The inner genius bears its own exacting
standards as well as an inner ethic that is present within us before any
considerations of collective morality. Genius sets an inner gold standard, the
higher standard that ourthat our soul would have us live up to.
Innovation, invention and creativity are trademarks of those who come
to know and use their innate genius qualities. Resiliency amidst adversity is
another hallmark of genius and an essential capacity to have and develop in
a rapidly changing, often disorienting world. Originally, a hallmark was an
official stamp that guaranteed purity in articles made of gold. In that sense,
genius is the hallmark etched within each person, for each of us bears the
official stamp of spirit. Each of us came to this world bearing within certain
golden qualities that mark us at our core as the genuine article.
This older, wiser sense of a unique inner genius stands against the
collective ideas and designs of modern mass cultures, which are based in
mass production and often put us on the verge of mass destruction. Old
apocalyptic visions may feature a wrathful god wiping clean the slate of
creation, but current dangers increasingly place worldwide destruction in the
hands of humankind. Whether it be mankind contributing blindly to global
warming or man’s continuing inhumanity to man exploding in nuclear
disaster, humans seem to have a greater-than-usual hand in the troubles
plaguing this world. In that sense, mankind acts like a force of nature and
“apocalypse now” involves a sense of self-destruction as well as the potential
to annihilate the entire world.
Instead of an angry god punishing his creatures for straying from the
rules, something inside humanity becomes the agent of destruction and
disaster as reckless technologies and extreme ideologies might conspire to
blow everything to kingdom come. On one hand, this points to human
grandiosity and a negative inflation as mankind assumes powers typically
assigned to the gods. On the other hand, it points to the necessity of
recognizing the crucial role of humanity in the delicate balance between
nature, culture and the human spirit. Humans are clearly implicated in
the disasters of the modern age, yet something hidden within the core of
humanity may yet help redeem the precarious condition of the world. Not
the simple notion of humans heroically “saving the world” as much as more
people rediscovering the redeeming nature and capacity for renewal at the
core of life itself.
In a rapidly changing world faced with seemingly impossible problems,
it becomes important to imagine that each person born might have
something to contribute to the solutions. The deepest human resources tend
to awaken amidst the greatest human disasters. If everyone has a genius
nature, then each naturally has gifts to give and something of value to offer.
Rather than being seen as an abstract consumer of goods in a mass culture,
each person can be revalued as a unique gift-giver. Genius defines the inner
nature of a person and a genuine destiny involves the expression of one’s
genius nature. By becoming outwardly what is naturally seeded within, the
individual becomes an agent of creation and thereby able to add something
to life that was not there before.
Accepting the notion that each person has some form of genius will
not solve all the problems of life, but it can give more people the courage
to develop a life of meaning and find ways to contribute to the world.
Everyone already has some talent or vision; what is rare is to find the
courage to follow one’s vision all the way to the destination to which it aims.
An old idea reminds us that we often lie to ourselves about who we truly
are and what we can actually do; we hide our true nature from ourselves and
obscure what we are meant to serve in this world. One of the few things
that can stand against the onslaught of mass culture and the distortions
and distractions of mass communication is the sense of an inner uniqueness
that distinguishes each individual from all others. As the original agent and
source of our talents and gifts, genius stands against blind materialism and
the loss of meaning characteristic of mass cultures.
As resident spirit the genius is the keeper of the inner pattern and root
of memory in the soul. Throughout life it remembers that which is most
essential to us yet so often forgotten by us. At critical times, the genius in a
person draws attention to itself as it seeks to become consciously known by
its human host. When the world rattles and everything turns upside down,
holding to the inner thread of genius may be the surest way to find a way in
life. If we allow the inner thread to pull us, the unique ways in which we are
woven and spun will help us to find our own way to survive and contribute
to this world.
The inner genius is our natural connection to the living, ever-renewing
soul of the world; if we allow it to awaken within us, we become both
more vital and more purposeful. In allowing the inner genius to transform
us, some transformation of the world also occurs. If we follow the genius
in ourselves, we recover what we were intended to be from the start and
become agents of creation ongoing.
In these times of alternating collapse and discovery, we need to awaken
as many inner geniuses as possible in order to meet the multiple threats
and complex challenges we face. Rather than the need to heroically save the
whole world, the real work of humanity at this time may be to awaken the
unique spark and inner resiliency of genius within each person.
Amidst melting ice caps, rising seas, and radical climate change, what
remains of the natural world matters more to life than ever before. Yet,
as the natural self within us becomes diminished by mass culture, so too
does our connection to the great nature all around us. The loss of reverence
for nature and the cavalier destruction of the environment reflect the loss
of connection to the inner nature and unique core of the human soul. As
the world seems increasingly threatened by extremism, terrorism, and
fanaticism, and as nature suffers the storms of climate change as well as
the ravages of exploitation, there is a desperate need for the inventiveness,
creativity, and resiliency that are the natural hallmarks of human genius.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “When nature has work to be done, she
creates a genius to do it.”
Could nature, now overburdened and sorely mistreated, not be calling
on each of us to take up the thread of genius that is closest to our own
nature and set to the work of helping to reimagine and reweave the whole
divine thing? Not simply the sense of heroic efforts trying desperately
to save the world, but rather the sense of a diversity of genius natures
awakening to assist the world in renewing itself. As resident spirit of the
soul the genius in each of us is both our natural connection to nature and
our secret connection to the divine. The sense of inner genius can offer a
thread of revelation that allows us to find what has been missing all along.
The re-imagination of genius may offer a deeper initiation of the
creative self within each person. When everything outside tends to fall
apart the hidden message inside life may be closer to the surface and calling
for attention. In the midst of radical changes in nature and the rattling of
culture, revelations of the genius self within may be closer than ever.
Nature loves a mystery and each soul born is a mystery waiting to be
revealed, a meaningful story waiting to unfold. No one can prove it, nor
can it be simply disproven. But all the old stories depict it and our dreams
hint at it and life at critical times requires that we act as if it were true. The
awakened individual has always been an agent of change and an assistant
to creation ongoing. Human beings are both a genius production of nature
and the genius producers of culture. The awakening of our genius self allows
us to deliver the gifts we have been given and contribute meaning as well as
beauty to the world. An old idea found in many traditions holds that each
person comes to this world of change at a time when they have something
meaningful to offer. Meaningful solutions to the overwhelming problems
of the world would be closer at hand if it was better understood that each
person born bears within them a gift that the world might need.
Great crises and impossible tasks can uncover hidden resources and
reveal veins of genius that can alter the course of history. The threat of
collapse and utter loss can also serve to awaken genius qualities and radical
solutions. Each soul desires to be part of something greater, something
“larger than life,” for we each harbor within ourselves a larger life and a
greater self waiting to become known. Everyone intuits the possibility of
a greater life; yet this greatness now tends to be imagined as something
outside ourselves. Most campaigns that promise liberation—be they political
or spiritual, base advertising, or high-energy motivational programs—direct
us toward outer goals. Meanwhile, there is a greater self within that tries to
surface at each critical turning point in our lives.
The genius of human nature involves innate capacities for creation and
invention that are important in the life of each individual and essential to
the balance of the world. The true individual who, by virtue of being himself
or herself, enters a state of partnership with the ongoing acts of creation and
thereby adds something to life that was not there before. When the troubles
are all around us, everyone can find some place where they are needed,
where they can help heal all that is wounded and help protect all that is
To borrow from the genius of Emerson again: “This time, like all times,
is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” Yet, knowing what
to do with the conditions of the world may depend more than ever on
knowing how the soul each of us is naturally woven and threaded to the

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