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You work for the IT department at your school and you are tasked with the responsibility of purchasing 6 computers for the school. These computers will be used by individuals working as secretaries and clerical support for the school, so the machines will be used for record keeping and general office work. You job is to research various types of computers on the market and determine which computer(s) will be the most cost effective for your school. Using two retail computer websites, you will need to compare two systems, listing the features of each, and total price. You will then make a recommendation to your School Board as to which system your school should purchase.DescriptionYou are buying 6 new computersYou want the computer to run Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365 and Windows 10 or higher.You want to make sure you are protected against security threatsYou need a printerYou have a limited budget, and can spend no more than $3500 for everythingTo recommend the purchase of this system to your School Board, you will need to provide a few things:A presentation.You must develop presentation outlining the differences of the two systems. The presentation should have a title slide with your name and date. This presentation must also contain images or screenshots from the websites for the computer systems you are considering. Be sure to include the website and URL for the specific images that you are providing. Some examples of websites you might consider: Dell.com, BestBuy.Com, or local providers.Clarification. This presentation will showcase the two systems (from two retailers) you are considering, with images of each, technical specifications for each, price for each, etc.If you’re using a website for your research, you can copy a picture of the system from the website by right clicking the image. A menu will appear. The option to save the image varies slightly between browsers, but you will see something like Save Image As… or Save Picture As… Select that option, and pay attention to where the image saves on your compute. (My default for saving images is the Downloads folder). Images saved this way can be inserted into a document or presentation using the Insert, Pictures button. You can also take a screen shot of the entire web page by holding CTRL key and pressing the PRT or A flyer saved as a document (*.docx) or as a PDF.You must provide a flyer justifying the system you have selected, that outlines the features and the cost.Be sure to include images that feature the system you have chosen.Clarification: For the flyer, you will create a one-page document with an image of the selected system. Include the name, technical specifications, and pricing information for the system you have selected. This flyer would be presented to the financial director or board of your organization to justify the system that you have selected.Get creative and have fun! You can use Canva or other design tools if you like!***I have attached an example (Example Flyer)… this is the flyer that was created in the video. Please feel free to download it and check out the things I did. Use it if you want but be sure to make it your own!***A spreadsheetYou must provide a spreadsheet that details the differences in the systems (specifications), and the cost per machine, as well as the cost for all six systems. Be sure to include calculations for your totals!***I have attached an example (Example Capstone Expense Report). Please feel free to download it and use it if you want but be sure to make it your own!***Submit all files for this assignment (presentation, or link to the presentation; document/flyer; spreadsheet) to the given folder in assignment dropbox below.See Examples of each belowFlyerThe Flyer in Word (You can use Canva.com or another free graphic design program if you like) will showcase the one system that you are recommending for purchase. Include an image and description of the computer system you are recommending. In order to create a word flyer, You need to take screen shots ( press Ctrl+PrtScr) or save images (right click and save image/picture as…), and to copy/paste specifications (tech specs). Screen shots can be pasted into the document and manipulated as any other image in your document. Make sure to write the source/hyperlink of that site beneath the screen shot.Here are some images of what the flyer might look like. Remember, this is just for one system… not both! Excel Expense ReportCreate an expense report in Excel to document how you will spend the $3500.00.You must compare prices and specifications of the computer systems you are considering for purchase between 2 retailers. For example, I choose to purchase an all in one HP desktop and in my excel expense report, I will document the prices and specifications of the computer from Best Buy and Office DepotExpense Report Example(re-create this in Excel, or download the sample expense report attached).Include the number of computers you will purchase in your grand total. Be sure to include a hyperlink to the website where you found the information.Computer SpecificationsRetailer #1: Name of StoreRetailer #2: Name of Store Name of Store (Best Buy, Walmart, Dell.Com, etc.) and Link to Website.Cost of 1 Computer:What Windows Edition is installed on the computer?What is the brand and speed of the processor?How much RAM is on the computer?How much hard disk space (memory) is on the computer?What kind of monitor and size comes with the computer?What kind of printer are you purchasing?Include a link to the website where we can verify the pricing.What Anti-virus software are you purchasing?What edition of Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 are you purchasing? (i.e. Student and Teacher Edition or Professional Edition)Include links to websites for pricing verification.Cost of 6 Computers:Additional Costs such as the printer, Microsoft Office or Office 365, anti-virus software:Grand Total*: * This should include a calculation with the total for 6 computers, plus the cost of anti-virus and other software/applications, and printer(s).

Computer Specifications
Name of Store and
Cost of Computer:
What Windows Edition is
installed on the
What is the brand and
speed of the processor?
How much RAM is on the
How much hard disk
space (memory) is on the
What kind of monitor and
size comes with the
What kind of printer are
you purchasing?
What Anti-virus software
are you purchasing?
Retailer #1: Name of Store
What edition of Microsoft
Office 2013 or Office 365
are you purchasing? (i.e.
Student and Teacher
Edition or Professional
Cost of Computer:
Additional Costs such as
the printer, Microsoft
Office 2013 or Office 365,
anti-virus software:
Grand Total*:
Retailer #2: Name of Store
Dell Inspiron Desktop
Website: http://www.dell.com
Cost for six:
Tech Specs
AMD A8-7410 APU with Radeonâ„¢ R5
Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
8GB, 1600MHz, DDR3L; up to 16GB
(additional memory sold separately)
Hard Drive
1TB 7200 rpm SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive
Video Cardi
Integrated Graphics with AMD APU
802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4 GHz, 1×1
Optical Drive
8x DVD+/-RW 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 30 Day Trial
Security Software
McAfee LiveSafe 12 Month Subscription
Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard English Black
Dell MS116 Wired Mouse Black
4 USB 2.0
2 USB 3.0
5:1 Micro Card Reader
2 UDIMM Slots
352mm x 154mm x 274mm / 13.86” x 6.06”
x 10.79” inch
Starting Weight
6.045kg /13.33 lbs
Monitor: Dell 22 Monitor: S2218H – This elegant and stylish 21.5-inch monitor is designed to
shine with ultrathin bezels and built-in speakers.
Price for computer and monitor: $449.98 (Shipping is Free!)
Printer: Epson WorkForce WF-2750 Inkjet Printer – Multifunction Wi-Fi
Price for printer: $84.99 (Shipping is Free!)

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