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The assignment is due at Noon on December 10th, at that point the assignment will lock and additional submissions will not be accepted for credit.

Part One – Answer ONE of the following

1. Civil rights activist and historian W.E.B. DuBois stated that Reconstruction “was in a certain sense all a failure, but a splendid failure.” Considering both Reconstruction in the American South and the southern response to African American civil rights in the two decades following the end of Reconstruction, assess why DuBois would make this statement.

2. FDR’s New Deal did not resolve the crisis of the Great Depression, yet his policies remain some of the most significant in American history. Discuss the evolution of FDR’s New Deal programs and explain the significance of the New Deal that was implemented over the decade.

3. Taking broadly the idea of civil rights in the post-World War II era, explain why some historians have taken to calling it a “Second Reconstruction.” Your answer should consider policies and events of the civil rights era and how they compared to the post-Civil War Reconstruction.

4. The Vietnam War was one of the defining features of the Cold War both for American foreign policy and American society. Why did the Vietnam War occur and how did it influence American society both in the 1960s and in the decades that followed?

Part Two – Answer the Following

Answer the following essay using evidence from throughout the class this semester. A successful essay will provide an overarching argument that pulls in material from the three main historical sections of the course (Pre-1800, 1800s, 1900-Present).

Democratic politician Hubert Humphrey once said “Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.” Assess this quote using a theme of history that showcases how dissenting voices influenced American life in all capacities. Furthermore, explain what can we learn by studying these dissenting voices.


Each essay should be between 500 and 1000 words. These are general guidelines to give you an idea about where you should be, you should, however, not write your responses simply to meet a certain length. Simply meeting the minimum requirement will not earn you can A on the exam. In the same manner writing 1000 words on each essay could still result in a low grade. Your grade will be demanded based on the content rather than length of your responses.

Please use standard formatting (1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font) for your submission.

You are free to use any course materials for the exams, however

no outside sources are allowed.

Make sure you cite anything that would need a citation. Lecture notes can be cited in your footnotes as “Lecture Notes, Date.” The important thing to remember is these responses are not about reusing the course materials. You need to demonstrate you’ve comprehended the material and can analyze it. Quoting a lot of material will not accomplish this, so make sure your response is substantially your own words.

I have purposefully given you a week to submit this assignment to avoid technology related issues that may crop up with a standard timed exam. Because you have a week to complete this exam, late assignments for full credit will only be accepted for medical issues or extreme circumstances and you will need to contact me to get a full-credit extension. Because they cannot be adequately documented and because of the week you have to submit it, extensions for full credit

will not be granted for technology related issues that happen at the last minute. Do not wait until 11:58PM to submit your assignment.

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