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Goal 4. Apply the theories and skills needed to become a strategic partner in the core business of the organization and in the strategic development of the organization’s future.

Identify one assignment you completed in the MS-SHRM program that best exemplifies the fourth learning objective – HR as Strategic Business Partner. Post the assignment to the online discussion and write 2-3 paragraphs describing how this assignment addresses HR as a Strategic Business Partner learning objective.

Please make your initial post by the end of the day on Sunday and respond to at least two of your classmate’s posts by the end of the day on Tuesday. Finally, reply to any classmate who responds to your original post by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Classmates H1: In our HR Finance class we had an assignment where we provided a stock analysis
of a business of our choosing and their biggest competitor. This is relevant because being a HR
Strategic Business Partner means understanding the running of the business. That means being able
to read the company financials, and able to suggest HR Strategies that allign with new the Company
I recently met my new Executive Director. He made it clear that he puts a lot of emphasis on data
driven decision making. He was impressed that I used to be finance/hr assistant, because I was able
to explain to him how our funding process happens. The expectation of HR is shifting the
traditionally emotional type decision maker to more of an in depth data driven decision maker. One
of the biggest drivers behind this shift is that HRSM are now able to produce more data than ever
before. HR is expected to be able to interpret that data and make decisions.
Classmates v2: Learning Objective 4 – HR as Strategic Business Partner
The assignment I chose is “HR as a Strategic Business Partner” which best expressed the fourth
learning objective. It was my first paper in HR 607, Introduction to Human Resource Management.
After that, I had learned so much about the HR process as I continued to take more classes. The
paper briefly touches on business level, corporate and functional strategies. As I found out later on,
these HR strategies will eventually lead to increased profit and company unity.
The main objective of a strategic business partner is to determine and steer the objectives of the
human resources department, focusing more on developing strategy rather than implementing
policy. The HR strategic business partner also can obtain the knowledge needed to develop the
strategic course of the company’s future. In other words, when one is the HR strategic business
partner, their objective is applying the skills and practice of all HR areas to the real world.
The learning objective is our role as HR leaders to ultimately help the organization perform. The
strategic business partner should be focused on driving high performance in the company and the
employees. The cultural strategy should be focused in outcomes that the business wants to achieve.
The cultural strategy would also, enable the individuals to self-evaluate the results of their work and
ask themselves if they met their goals. The role of the HR business partner is to help make sure
policy and procedure throughout the organization fit the needs and goals of its top leadership. There
should be less focus on administration, compliance, and management. Rather than performing the
day-to-day operations, the strategic HR business plan can excel through skill sets in technical
support, functioning financially, and operating efficiently.
In conclusion, the HR Strategic business partners have evolved in their role and they are a necessity
in every organization. HR business partners add value to workforce planning and are at the fore front
of today’s talent strategy. Most important, HR business partners must balance and align strategy and
develop creative solutions to be successful in the organization now and in the future.
Classmates N3: Learning about how to establish HR as a strategic business partner has been the
biggest overarching goal throughout the SHRM program. Coming into this program, I had previously
not had any real interaction with any HR departments, and was only aware of the administrative
aspect of HR. Therefore, everything that I was learning right off the bat was new information for me
to learn. This is especially true when I was in the Intro to Human Resource Management class, and
first major paper that I had to write was specifically about how and why HR should be viewed as
strategic business partner.
This paper set the tone for the rest of the class, and essentially, the rest of the program as well.
Reading and writing about what HR had the potential to do within an organization made me realize
how complicated and diverse it was, and it affected the way that I learned as I continued with the
subsequent assignments and classes. A lot of the points that I made in my paper popped back up in
different places throughout the year, and it gives testament to just how interconnected HR can be
with itself and other organizational departments that are foundational to any business.
It was great to get introduced to the strategic capabilities of HR so early on, and it served as an
effective steppingstone for people who are already familiar with HR, and newcomers alike. Providing
this aspect of HR also helps us as students gain a different vantage point when it comes to future job
prospects, which is also one of the primary goals of working through a program like this. It helps us
learn about new possible job and career opportunities that we can look further into when applying
for new roles, and how we can delve into the numerous facets that the HR profession provides.
Leveraging the fact that we are now all familiar with the strategic side of HR and how it can be a
strategic business partner can help us all immensely when we look for jobs that will ultimately
expand our skills and strengths in the field.
Classmate reply 1: Nice discussion post. I completely agree with your statement regarding the SWOT
analysis providing a clear description of not only the target company performance but also the
performance of the HR-based software. I look back and think about ways technology has advanced
with HR and made many changes on the way we work today. The achievements in strategic business
plans have reached talent management, diversity and inclusion, rewards and organizational success. I
believe the HR business partner’s role along with leaders contributed to development of people’s
performance and the company’s decision-making process.
Classmate reply 2: I agree that this assignment demonstrates the learning objective for this week as I
chose the same assignment. You highlighted greats points and really broke down how important a
SWOT analysis is for a company. The line that stuck out to me the most was when you say, “…this
assignment has been significantly important in arriving to the conclusion that, in the midst of so
many interlocking variables, one thing stands out as absolutely essential.” It is true how many
variables a company deals with and it can feel very overwhelming. However, conducting a SWOT
analysis you stay organized and see everything out in front of you. This gives great direction on
where to begin and how to handle certain situations. It also shows how a SWOT analysis can be
conducted for different areas of a business such as products, HRIS system, departments, and etc

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