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This research is for a persuasive speech that i will do in the future.

Topic: Consequences of the excess use of technology.

You must have one annotated bibliography for each source, totaling five annotated bibliographies.

Sources must be peer-reviewed.

1 Outline.

Instructions and examples are attached.

Annotated Bibliography
Summer 2021 MS. Neal
Content Requirements
Overview of the article: main points, findings, summary (100 words).
Credibility and trustworthiness of source (50 words).
Why this source is good for your research topic (50 words).
Should TOTAL 200 words minimum
• Single-space, Times New Roman font, 12-point, 1-inch margins
• Hanging Indents
• Format the citation just like you would in a Works Cited or Bibliography Page
How to structure your ANNOTATIONS: http://guides.library.cornell.edu/criticallyanalyzing
You must provide:
A. Author
B. Date of Publication
C. Edition or Revision
D. Publisher
E. Title of Journal
You must provide:
A. Intended Audience
What type of audience is the author addressing? Is the publication aimed at a specialized or a
general audience? Is this source too elementary, too technical, too advanced, or just right for
your needs?
B. Objective Reasoning
1. Is the information covered fact, opinion, or propaganda? It is not always easy to separate fact
from opinion. Facts can usually be verified; opinions, though they may be based on factual
information, evolve from the interpretation of facts. Skilled writers can make you think their
interpretations are facts.
2. Does the information appear to be valid and well-researched, or is it questionable and
unsupported by evidence? Assumptions should be reasonable. Note errors or omissions.
Annotated Bibliography
Summer 2021MS. Neal
3. Are the ideas and arguments advanced more or less in line with other works you have read on
the same topic? The more radically an author departs from the views of others in the same
field, the more carefully and critically you should scrutinize his or her ideas.
4. Is the author’s point of view objective and impartial? Is the language free of emotionarousing words and bias?
C. Coverage
Does the work update other sources, substantiate other materials you have read, or add new
information? Does it extensively or marginally cover your topic? You should explore enough
sources to obtain a variety of viewpoints.
D. Writing Style
Is the publication organized logically? Are the main points clearly presented? Do you find the
text easy to read, or is it stilted or choppy? Is the author’s argument repetitive?
COMM 1113 Example
Neal 1
Student Name
Principle of Communications 1113
Professor Neal
Use Current Date
Informative Speech Outline
I. (This is where your thesis statement goes, do not write thesis statement).The purpose of my
speech is to explain an incident that defined a moment in my life when I did not give up.
II. (Main Point #1 d not write main point #1) The day that defined me was September 8, 2011.
A. I had a horse fall and crush my ankle and broke my neck.
B. The feelings of imminent death were running rampant through my mind as I lay on the
ground alone.
III. (Main Point #2 d not write main point #2) The first week after my injury was horrifying.
A. The pain was unbearable.
B. I did not know where I was the first few days in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
IV. (Main Point #3 d not write main point #3) The recovery period was brutal.
A. The injury I suffered affected everyone in my family.
B. Recovering from the mental injuries are much tougher than the physical injuries.
V. (Conclusion, do not write conclusion) The injury changed my life, I will never walk the same,
but I will never give up.

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