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Peer 1)Wk 9 Main Discussion Post Ibeth Gutierrez

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns about Tonya’s diagnosis. What is your main concern about Tonya’s medication for her ADHD? ADHD can make it difficult for children to pay attention in school and engage with other children, putting them at risk of falling behind (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). Long-term consequences include difficulty managing emotions. Without treatment, Tonya is at risk of making impulse decisions and possibly having a short attention span when she is older.

In addition to medication, have you explored alternative treatment plans related to Tonya’s diagnosis? With medication, Tonya can focus more in school and learn skills that will make challenging tasks easier. I would also like to give you a brief explanation about behavioral counseling. Behavioral counseling is essential to ADHD treatment as it encourages positive behaviors and introduces self-regulating strategies (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). It can help improve Tonya’s behavior, but it is most effective when implemented by parents.

I understand if the process for Tonya’s ADHD diagnosis is overwhelming. During today’s session, we discussed Tonya’s recent diagnosis. You also shared with me your concern about the possibility of substance dependence. I am here to support you and your family in any way possible. I want to ensure that you have all the necessary information regarding the prescribed medication and help you understand why treatment is important.

Peer 2):

Angelica Mikell

Hello everyone.

For this discussion post. ADHD is a chronic disease that includes attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. The two potential questions I would ask Tonya is:

1) “Tonya, what are some things that keep you interested on a day to day basis”?

2) ” Do you feel as though the medications are helping the best way it can for you”?

The reason why I would ask the first question because it was brought up that Tonya is disengaged and distracted. So I would ask the question to see what actually keeps Tonya focused on a day to day basis. This is vital for me because aside from the medications, I am able to understand what keeps my client focused and what are the main triggers that keep her disengaged. The second question, is since Tonya does not abuse her medications, maybe there might be a different alternative for tonya if the medications are not working. There is a possibility Tonya may need to try other activities aside from medications that can help with her ADHD. The roles of behavioral counseling for ADHD is important especially when the parents bring awareness to it. The roles of counseling for this scenario is for the counselor to help improve the child’s behavior self-control and self-esteem (Williams, 2015). Even recommendations such as behavioral management for parents would be great for parents having difficulties maintaining and helping their child on a day to day basis. Some of the short term consequences for ADHD if not treated is weight loss, no appetite, sleeping problems and social withdraws. Some of the long term consequences are heart diseases, high blood pressure and seizures which is more physical health conditions and diseases the older the child gets. In conclusion my reflection would be especially to Tonya’s parents is ” I understand the difficulties it can be to understand a disorder that you may not have no knowledge about, but we will try our best to keep Tonya motivated again so she can be more engaged like she use to.”

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