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College of Health Sciences
Department of Public Health
Course name:
Health Communication
Course number:
Assignment task
Discuss about the best health communication that you
have come across in real life situation. Elaborate your
answer including the following points:
(5 Questions X 3 marks = 15 marks)
*Word limit 100 words per question.
1. What did you like about the health communication?
2. What was the objective of the health communication?
3. Did it convince you to change your behavior?
4. Do you have any new idea to make it more appealing?
5. What do you think about the success of that health
• If plagiarism is found, the assignment will not be
considered and rejected without any further attempt
being given.
• Each question has 3 marks. Answer within word limit.
• Do not forget to mention your name & ID, instructor’s
name, and the date of submission, failing to do so your
assignment will not be considered as submitted.
Student Name:
Student ID:
Submission Date:
Max. marks
Instructor name
Dr. Amal Yousef
Riyadh Male
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College of Health Sciences
Department of Public Health
Plagiarism policy: no plagiarism is accepted in the assignments at all. The student
should write the assignment in their own words. Two identical assignments will be
rejected with zero grades.
Citation: The students are required to use APA style of citation in their assignments.
The assignment should have the COVER PAGE with New SEU logo and the details
of who is submitting and to whom is it submitted.
Naming the assignment file: student should use the following format for naming and
uploading their assignment: Student name_(Student ID)_PHC312
Assignments with improper names and formats will be rejected.
Assignments should only be submitted through Blackboard only and not through
email. If there is any technical issue in the BB, then it should be reported to BB support
team. The screenshot of the problem and the assignment then can be sent to the instructor.
The submission of assignment must be done before the scheduled deadline.
o Late assignments can be accepted only if the student informed the instructor before
the assignment deadline is overdue of any acceptable reason of delay.
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