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Read the following articles:
This unit’s discussion question is: What do you think are the most common
causes of plagiarism among college students and why? How is this
supported by what you read in the articles? BE SURE TO ANSWER THESE
Your initial post must be at least 75-100 words long, addressing the questions with
depth. Your responses to at least two classmates must be at least 50 words long,
responding directly to your classmates. Be specific in your writing, and avoid
generalities. All of your writing in English should reflect your best writing skills, so
please check your spelling, grammar, and sentence construction before submitting.
2Q: responses:
When reading these websites, I believe the most common mistake in plagiarism for me is
knowing how to paraphrase someone else’s work. Sometimes, when you try to paraphrase
the work, it is hard to come up with the right words that convey the idea the way the original
author said it without changing the context of the idea. This might lead others like me to
plagiarize. I did appreciate the author’s idea of taking great notes during the reading of
articles. This is something I need to work on as well. Writing is often hard for me and it takes
a lot of thinking. By the time I figure out what I want to say, it is a blur and then I need to back
and re-read what I wanted to talk about in my paper. This is where plagiarism may come into
play for me. Because plagiarism is widespread, in many things, (media, photos, art, words) I
can’t imagine it doesn’t happen even to the best of writers. The biggest takeaway I got was,
that I will be diligent in citing my references to cover my basis in writing.
3Q: responses:
After reading the websites above, plagiarism is more common than I thought. The main
reason that people plagiarized is because they are not sure of the proper way to quote an
author or paraphrase within their paper. Using MLA or APA is new to a lot of writers or new
students. When I was in high school (many years ago), I don’t remember either of those
styles being used so coming to college using those formats were brand new to me. I also
think another reason that kids plagiarize is because they don’t know how to cite the source
within their paper. If not done properly, it can easily be plagiarized.
The statistics prove the reasons I listed above are why plagiarism is common. I don’t think
that people would try to plagiarize. I think when they are not sure how to write a correct paper
or how to cite sources, students tend to look up information they can use and place it in their
paper the incorrect way. Writing papers is a learning experience for everyone.

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