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1. A clear thesis–this should be an obvious *I Say* that is situated in response to what others have said. Another way teachers sometimes put this is the *known/new* contract. The way Williams discusses this is when he talks about having old information come first and new information come second. That means that you provide context by showing what we already know about your topic/question, and then  you move the dial forward by adding something new.

2. Logical development of ideas with sign posting (alerting the reader where you are going using specific transitions).

3. Appropriate use of evidence for your claims: only quote your sources when you have to have the words, otherwise summarize or paraphrase when you want to say the same thing someone else has said or just need the idea

(but in both cases be sure to credit your sources with citations according to MLA citation practice)


Franco Capalbo
WRTG 3011
Final Proposal
Pros and cons of youth gaming
What if I ask a couple with children if they are okay with their child spending 8 hours a
day playing computer games such as Fortnite? From previous work experience and research, I
am sure that the answers from these parents would not be very positive. Now, what if to that
same question we add that their child is developing their creativity and imagination, thus
improving their cognitive levels and emotional strength? Not only that, but we also add that this
young man is expanding his knowledge in the details of computers (to make the game more
effective), so he is learning about something vital today. Finally, this child is preparing for a
Fortnite tournament with 10 million dollars in prizes. Here the thing could change and the
opinion of these parents maybe too. Personally, this is a question I ask myself from time to time,
and I have a mixture of views. On the one hand, I would like my son to be happy with whatever
he chooses to do, but it would also give me a strange feeling to see him locked up for hours on
end with so many other exciting things he can do today. I feel that even as a parent, you can’t put
pressure on him that if he likes gaming, he should do it to earn money, but how much is too
many hours playing for “nothing”? This is a broad and easily discussed topic. One thing that is
very clear nowadays is that gaming is already considered a sport, and the skills that the best
players get from this activity are worthy of my admiration. It is incredible how these people
(especially young people) can achieve such speed and hand-eye coordination. I also admire the
decision-making since they make several decisions at the same time in less than seconds.

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