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Introductory Psychology
Written Assignment
All papers will be 2-3 pages long (not including your cover page). They need to be double-spaced and be
in size 12 font with one inch margins using a standard font (don’t try and use a bigger font to make your
paper longer, I will mark you down). All parts of each option need to be covered in your paper. The
paper is due on the date listed on the syllabus.
Option 1- Erikson’s theory of development (Covered in chapter 8)
According to Erikson we pass through 8 stages throughout life and if we do not successfully transition
through these stages we will encounter difficulties and failures in our future. In this paper you will
answer the following three points for each of the 8 stages.
1. Explain the stage and the challenge you face in each
2. An example of what someone might do if they successfully master each stage
3. Explain the problems someone might face if they do not master each stage
Once you have done this for each of the 8 stages I would like you to tell me whether you agree or
disagree with Erikson’s theory of development and why you feel that way. (This answer should be no
more than a paragraph. The explanation of the points above should be the bulk of your paper)
Option 2- Movie Review of Psychological Disorders
In essay format, write a paper about one of the following movies. Complete the paper by including the
following items:
1. Tell me which movie you chose.
2. Tell me what disorder the character had and if the diagnosis was revealed in the movie.
3. Tell me if the diagnosis in the movie was right or wrong, if it was wrong, tell me what the right
diagnosis is.
4. Explain all of the symptoms that are part of the disorder that are shown in the movie and what
the correct symptoms are for that disorder.
5. In your opinion, how well was the disorder portrayed in the movie.
The movies you can choose from are the following: (Ask me if one you think of is not on the list)
Me, Myself, and Irene (Jim Carrey)
Reign on Me (Adam Sandler)
Silence of the Lambs (Anthony Hopkins)
Dexter: The Showtime television show
As Good As It Gets (Jack Nicholson)
A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe)
Matchstick Men (Nicolas Cage)

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