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Dear Students,

Here are some guidelines I want you to follow when you write your final paper.

1) Use the student APA template I provided. It is posted in the content section of Blackboard. Simply insert your information into that paper.

2) Be sure to write the title of your paper in the title case. The title of your paper should appear on your cover


as well as your introductory


. It is also written in bold.

3) Provide a brief description of the topic you will be discussed followed by a thesis statement and the goals of your paper. You should also state your reason(s) for your topic selection.

4) Make sure you sectionalize your paper. Your main sections need to be centred and written in bold. Again, refer to the sample student paper to get a sense of how you should go about formatting and structuring your paper.


) Please provide a conclusion section. Your conclusion should reveal what you learned from the topics you addressed based on the literature you reviewed and whether or not the literature you reviewed ignored or failed to address certain issues relevant to the topic(s) addressed in your paper.

6) On your reference


, make sure your heading is written in bold. Also, make sure you only list the sources that were cited in your paper.

7) If your quotation is verbatim and exceeds 40 words, make sure you write that quotation in a block. I posted an example of this in Blackboard. You also need to provide a


number as well as the year when you cite your source. If a


number is not available, then you need to provide a paragraph number. Please refer to the examples I provided on Blackboard. If your quotation is under 40 words, then you need to use quotation marks.

8) There is always a reason for citing a source. Do NOT fill your paper with quotations and assume that your quotations will carry your paper. When you do this, you silence your own voice. As such, your paper is mute because it reveals that you didn’t have anything to say.

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