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Flu Essay: The PRECEDE-PROCEED Model Application
In this wrap-up project, you will apply the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, as described by Crosby
and Noar in their 2011 paper, “What is a planning Model? An Introduction to PRECEDEPROCEED” to your communication plan for Capstone County.
Use the past three assignments and your plan for a SINGLE communication activity to complete
this assignment.
You do not need to write any other essay components. Just fill in the table below along with
your bibliography/references.
Fill out the PPM table below. Checklist/rubric:
Sources (20 points):

Every fact statement MUST have a recent, scholarly source from a peer-reviewed journal.
This might mean you need to find a few more sources to back up your claims. For example,
you cannot just say, “People over 65 are more at risk for flu complications,” or “People in
rural areas are less likely to receive a vaccine.” Review the lecture “Finding an Article” to
brush up on your article finding skills.
All fact statements must be cited appropriately using in-text citations and a reference.
Names, titles, quotes and paraphrased sections must be formatted using proper APA style.
Solution (30 points):

Your solution must be specific to Capstone County and the flu case.
Your solution must be a single communication plan.
Your communication plan takes Capstone County/City populations into consideration.
PPM (40 points):

Fill out the PPM model with as much detail as you see in Table 1 of the Crosby and Noar
PPM steps should be related only to your solution. For example, if you are planning a public
health parade, you should not talk about creating new mandatory quarantine laws, as these
activities are not related to each other.
Writing (10 points):

Although you may use bullet points, writing should be clear, logical and free from grammar
and spelling errors.
Total: 100 points
Any assignment containing plagiarism will receive a 0. As this is an essay, plagiarism will be
reported to Student Affairs, even if it is a first offense.
[Your name]
Capstone 49000
Final Flu Essay
Final Flu Essay: Applying the PPM
[Feel free to change the formatting of this table. Be sure to cite Crosby and Noar (2011) where appropriate, and cite any other sources using
APA style.]
1 [you can
write step
[Refer to Table 1 in the article and include as much detail as the authors, just make sure you change it from public health
dentistry to your specific flu plan. ☺]
[Ask questions in step 1 and describe how you will answer them.]
[Remember SMART goals.]
[Do not write about billboards unless they are actually part of your plan. Think critically about environments that impact
the flu.]
[Even though Capstone County is fictional, think of health beliefs and behaviors in real people in Ohio or the US that might
impact your plan. Cite sources where appropriate.]
[You can use a combination of bullet points and headings, similar to Table 1 in the article, to organize your own PPM table.]
[In the PPM table in our example, the authors only mention their plan briefly as it is described elsewhere in their paper. In
this assignment, you must provide your detailed plan here: Who, what, where, when, why (based on research) and how?]

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