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During June and July with the police brutality and killing of African Americans, riots and protests were rampant throughout the U.S. The pictures accompanying this assignment were taken by me at City Hall Park in July and August. These pictures may remind you of Occupy Wall Street.

The purpose of this assignment is to write an essay, in which you discuss how your choice of video, documentaries, and/or other pictures paint a picture of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, including anything from Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to Martin Luther King’s A Letter from Birmingham Jail, and the Civil Rights Movement. You may use pictures or videos you have taken or from any other source. You can include your feelings, thoughts, and experiences with BLM. Something you might want to include in this assignment is how OWS is similar and/or different from Black Lives Matter. You can take this assignment from any perspective (i.e., police, activist, victim, business, government, or onlooker).

This assignment will be posted to the ePortfolio and not completed in Word. You can organize and design (e.g., text wrapping around pictures) this assignment any way you want. The pictures, videos, and documentaries you choose will dictate how you write this.

The citation style can be APA or MLA. It is your choice; just choose the one you are most comfortable with. The length can vary due to the platform it will be submitted on. However, it needs to be fully developed.

It is best to write it out in Word first, and use Spell Check and Grammar Check, as well as check for spacing issues. Once you have done this, then, you can post it to the ePortfolio platform. You will need to do some reformatting because you will upload it to a different system and platform.

As always, I am available via Zoom for an individual session if you are having problems with uploading and/or formatting it to the ePortfolio platform.

Grading will be based on several criteria: (1) Attention to task; (2) Presentation/Design; (3) Content; (4) Proofreading; and (5) Citation style.

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