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Scenario (fictional):
BOT Inc. is a robotics software company with 100 employees located in Austin, Texas, in
the United States. Up until now, the culture has been fairly strongly established as a rigid
culture with detailed policies and procedures. Everyone has an explicit job description. The
company hires mostly locals, and only directors make any important decisions. The
company has had a formal code of ethics, but it has not been enforced. As a result, there
have been increasing incidents of personnel doing consulting work for other companies
outside of work hours. The CEO is concerned that their robotics software could be
compromised. Lately, as the company’s software has been increasingly sought out by
robot-producing companies around the globe, the CEO realizes it is time to reimagine a
more diverse, inclusive, and global company, while adhering to an ethical code of conduct
with uniform responses to infringement.
The CEO knows they will soon need to hire at least another 20 sales staff and additional
software developers to address this increasing global demand. The CEO wants to
restructure the company while keeping company costs down as much as possible.
Help BOT Inc. address the problems by completing the checklist items.
View the company’s current organizational structure.
Address the following items in your submission:
1. Identify the characteristics needed to implement a shared ethical culture and explain
the identified characteristics will help the organization.
2. Explain how the ethical culture will be affected by the global context.
o Describe some of the global implications, using the competing values
framework in analyzing the situation.
3. Analyze the current organizational structure and identify at least three key questions
the executives need to answer in order to create the most effective and suitable
organizational structure and culture.
4. Explain the importance of ethical leadership involved in implementing a new
organization structure.
o Suggest a possible new structure based on the learning activity.
a. Name the structure.
b. Provide an overview of the structure.
c. Describe why the structure was selected.
Current Organizational Structure
V.P. Finance
Budget Manager
Director of
Director of
Director of Sales
Director of
10 Robot
4 Marketing
2 Sales
20 Robot
4 Marketing
Design staff
12 Industrial
Sales Staff
10 Robot
14 Medical Sales
14 Call Center
Service staff
Current Organizational Structure
There are two V.P.’s one for finance and one for human resources. An accountant reports to the budget manager who reports to the
V.P. of Finance and a recruiter reports to the V.P. of Human resources. Then reporting to the two V.P.s and CEO are 4 directors. The
director of production has 10 robot maintenance engineers (maintain the robots once on client site), 20 robot engineers (they design
al parts), and 10 software engineers (who program the robots) all reporting to him. The director of marketing has 4 marketing staff
and 4 marketing designers reporting to her. The director of sales has 2 assistants, 12 industrial sales staff and 14 medical sales staff
reporting to her. The director of customer services has a customer services manager reporting to him and he in turn has and 14 call
center customer service staff reporting to him.

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