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The issue being focused on, and researched is climate change; is it really happening? The topic was selected due to the fact that it not only is something that is happening in our lifetime, but it is causing rapid changes that humans never thought would even be talked about or occur in this generation. It is a very interesting topic and has many arguments that are both for and against it. Of course, there are the people that totally just ignore it and say that it is nothing and that it has been happening for years. Going off of that, people say that it will never affect them or that it has nothing to do with them. Lastly in the arguments that don’t support that climate change is a real thing is when people say that it is a good thing such as the sea levels rising and that it is meant to happen. The arguments that go along with climate change are that these changes are happening at much more rapid paces than scientists have ever seen or documented. Next, climate change impacts are here right now, more diseases, more extreme weather, etc. Lastly, climate change has an all-around negative effect on this world. Not only to us humans, but animals and also financially. Peer Reviewed sources are those that must be reviewed by experts in that author’s field to verify that the research is correct and well documented. Once this article has been approved (very rarely approved on the first try) then it is published. One of the best parts of peer reviewed research is that it is unbiased and has been verified by experts,, in other words, you can trust it!

An easy way to locate peer reviewed sources is to access the RMU online library. Once you have accessed the library, you can search keywords in the search bar, just be sure that you check the box that says Scholarly Journal Articles. You can double check that an article is scholarly by the length (they tend to be longer) and if there is a reference page that follows.

You will need to find four scholarly journals for this assignment. Instead of synthesizing your information into a traditional essay, you will instead focus on the research. You will dedicate individual paragraphs to each of the four articles looking at them individually. You will create a heading for each of the four sources by correctly citing the article in APA format so that I can tell which article that you are referring to. This will also help you to focus your writing on only one article at a time. You are free to research both sides of your position and write from two different viewpoints.

You will not include a reference page. Your individual sources should be cited (as if the cite was on the reference page) directly above the paragraph that discusses that source. Remember that this should be four individual sections, about each of the four sources that you are required to research. By citing above the paragraph, this eliminates the need for in-text citations in this first paper.

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