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Journals should be written based on the assigned film AND readings for each module. In the journals, you should demonstrate that 1) you have watched the film AND 2) you can connect the film to the main arguments of the assigned readings. The journal should contain at least 300 words or one full page of writings in double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font.

film: Roma

reading attached pdf


Sex Lie and Video Tape” is a low-budget film that follows the themes of love, sex
and technology (Perren, 2001). Even though the film was released in the 80s, its themes have
not aged and are still relevant today. Soderbergh’s movie captured the occasion. It follows
average housewife Ann and her scumbag husband John as John has sex with Ann’s sister and
Ann falls for Graham, John’s college mate. It was conceived over a year and written in just
over a week. Graham is calm and gentle, soulful, and extremely seductive. He is a vagabond
who has come to town with little more than his handycam and a box of recordings. John is a
low-key, cunning attorney. The driving force behind this movie is the subdued masculine
sensuality that James Spader emits. Although she is acting opposing him, Andie McDowel is
a deserving female who is pure and has her own goals. Strong performance makes for an
amazing movie. Sex, lies, and recording all demonstrate how much more significant an
emotional connection is than a sexual one. You may think that the tension in the movie
increases at particular parts, but you’ll soon realize that the tension is actually more diffused
and dispersed over the whole movie, making it more cerebral than sexual. It is a movie about
sexual intimacy with an intriguing yet straightforward storyline (Perren, 2001). The film
played a significant role in redefining low-budget filmmaking and marketing. The film was
marketed through vigorously looking for the target audience. The main characters in the
movie also posed for photos that further enhanced the film’s sexuality. Through this film,
Miramax studios showed that it was cut from a different cloth than other normal Hollywood
movies. It took its place through the low-budget indie movie and ran with it. This film was a
breakthrough for many who were working on it, including the director Soderbergh and the
Miramax Studio (Perren, 2001).
Perren, A. (2001). Sex, Lies and Marketing: Miramax and the Development of the
Quality Indie Blockbuster. Page 30-39.

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