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Services Marketing Final Paper MKT09360 250 Points
1. Select a service industry. Examples might be telecommunications, health, education, transportation, banking,
insurance or professional (no restaurants including wawa)
2. Choose three competitors that operate within your selected industry.
3. Using the data provided on your selected companies website you are required to respond to each of the following.
a. Cover Page – Name, Class, Date, Industry, 3 Competitors (Does not count towards word count.)
b. Introduction – Opening paragraph around 5 sentences explaining the executive summary of your paper
c. Core Benefit Offerings – Define the core benefit offering of each company
d. Target Markets – Describe the target markets as evidenced by the websites
e. 7Ps – Describe the 7Ps of one company and explain how the 2 other companies differ
f. Market Segmentations – Identify how the core previously defined might differ between the market segments
g. Managing Service Quality – Describe how each company might manage service quality
h. Customer Satisfaction – Ascertain if and how each of the respective companies manage customer satisfaction
i. Digital Presence – Describe how each company uses their website, social media, and newsletters to manage the
intangibles of the service (newsletters mean you actually have to sign up for them on their site)
j. Customer Expectations and Perceptions – Describe how each company manages their customer expectations and
k. Marketing Communications Core Value Prop – Describe how the company communications reflects their core value
l. Servicescape – Describe the servicescape
m. Service Failure and Recovery – Analyze their reviews based on service, what is their biggest service failure, how
can they improve – 3 examples
n. Gaps Model – Based on reviews design a gaps model (does not count towards page count)
o. Blueprint – Prepare a blueprint of the service offer (does not count towards page count)
p. Conclusion – Tie everything together around 5 sentences.
The written component of this assignment should be 3500 words in length. Headers do not count towards the word
count. Times new roman, size 12 font, double-spaced. Must include citations from more than just the book and be
correctly cited in the paper.
Grading Criteria:
1.) Spelling and grammar.
2.) Following directions.
3.) Citations; at least 7

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