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As with most of our discussions, at least two responses to classmates are required here in order to be eligible for full points. These responses will be in the form of a peer review. Please comment on the following:

Are all letters formatted correctly according to standard business letter format?

Are all letters clear, scannable, and accessible? Do they use good business writing and “you” centered language? Do the letters adhere to business writing formatting and style guidelines?

Does each letter adhere to its corresponding prompt?

Does the bad-news letter establish a clear buffer, reasoning, bad news, and good will closing organization? Is it in indirect format?

Is the good-news letter in direct format? Is it clear, concise, and well written?

Is the persuasive letter actually persuasive? Is the argument clear and reasonable? Does it use the AIDA organizational method?

Are the letters polished and proofread?

91 High Tor Road
New City, NY, 10956
Satoshi Nakomoto
1, rue du Mail
75002 Paris
Dear Mr. Nakomoto:
I am reaching out to you to inform you that I am happy to have made the right decision to use
your company and its product for my business’s needs. I have attempted to use many of your
competitor’s products in the past and none compare to the quality that is presented with Ledger.
Some things that stick out to me from your product that separates it from the rest include the
24-word recovery phrase. This ensures another level of protection on top of the usual 12-word
phrase which makes me as a customer feel much more comfortable with having my assets on
your product. There is never a fear that someone will be able to hack through all of the security
measures and seed phrases.
Another thing that I believe separates your product from the competition is the ease and
simplicity that the Ledger Live application holds for all users. The interface is straightforward,
and any beginner can grasp the format with no trouble.
Overall, I am very happy that I chose your product and will continue to use, learn and empower
the tools that you release.
Sincerely, Skyler Rothstein
91 Low Tor Road
New City, NY, 10956
Connor McDavid
123 Lemon way
Edmonton, Canada
Dear Mr. McDavid:
While we have an appointment to speak in the near future it is company policy to write a letter
regarding the reason for the meeting. It has come to my attention that you have been showing up
late to work on a consistent basis recently. Our records show that in the last month you have
clocked in late 9 out of the 21 days that you were required to be at the office.
While I can see the tardy clock-ins have all been in the 20-minute range this remains
unacceptable. I know that during these challenging times many people are struggling mentally
and financially, I want nothing but the best for you and your fellow workers. However, I cannot
have employees consistently break the code of conduct. I look forward to meeting with you in
person and hope we can reach a solution. If you have anything you want to communicate before
our meeting you can contact me by email at ConorMcGregor100@gmail.com.
Sincerely, Conor Mcgregor
419 Dune Road
Southampton, NY, 11968
Adela de la Torre
5500 Campanile Dr
San Diego, 92115
Dear Mrs De La Torre:
I am writing this letter to inform you about the current situation for us students and what we
believe should be changed in order to allow campus to operate more efficiently. The suggestion
that I have for you would be to add more parking. During the week there is a large influx of
commuter students who are attempting to get to class at the same time. While everyone is
allowed to purchase a parking pass that does not mean that they are guaranteed to get a spot. This
leads to students who pay for parking passes have to park on streets and other locations leading
to them being late as well as suffering financial setbacks due to tickets.
One way that I propose this be done is by making more room for parking in spaces such as the
new section of campus by snapdragon stadium or where the old mcdonalds and shopping center
has been flattened. I hope that you can see where we are coming from and understand that it
would be beneficial to all if something were done. If you have any questions for me and my
colleagues you can contact us at Studentsinc@gmail.com.
Sincerely, Jamaal Charles

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