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Nonfiction Narrative: Food or Music Prompt


Based off the lecture, it’s time for you to choose a nostalgic moment that

you connect strongly with that is grounded either in music or food (choose

one or the other, NOT both). Remember, this story must be a factual story;

one that presents a clear memory. That being said, this is a creative

assignment, so please use literary techniques to make your story more

interesting for your reader.

The paper should be in total of 7 pages altogether.

There is two more papers to go to finish it.

The Power of Ice Cream
Student Name
The Power of Ice Cream
Distracted in my thoughts, I strode slowly down the street under the hot summer sun,
wondering why everything was turning out the way I was not expecting them to be. All I would
imagine was the soothing sensation of my favorite ice cream flavor. Seeing no sign of any ice
cream truck, I could not help but reflect on my past life. I had just joined high school, and after
suffering a lot under my bullies in middle school, I thought things would be different now
because I was a bit older to handle myself.
However, this was not the case. Pupils in my middle school always picked on me every
time, calling me a nerd that did not bother me. Every time we were heading home at the end of
that day, I was always shocked by the heavy bags they forced me to carry, and some even forced
me to do their assignments, claiming that they want nothing but straight A’s.
Sometimes this was overwhelming, and I just locked myself up in the room crying my
heart out, wishing that this would end. I did not understand why people hated me so much, and
most of the time, when am not crying, I would browse through the internet on various ways to
commit suicide without having to endure so much pain.
The suicidal thoughts were further intensified when one of the cheerleaders approached
me and said in a satirical voice, “if I were you, I would just put a bullet through my head and
people would forget I ever existed. “I politely asked her why she was so cold towards me, and
she just smacked and replied, “It is because you are the most useless person I have ever met.”
Saying that she looked at me with so much hatred, I saw the deeper meaning of what she was
asking me.
I decided that that was the last day I ever showed my face in school, and I decided how I
would kill myself. Nevertheless, when I got home, everything did not go as planned as I had
decided to hang myself, but my two little brothers were at home, and they followed me
everywhere I went begging me to play with them.
Exhausted by their endless nagging, I finally gave in, and for some time, I forgot about
my evil plan and what I knew next is my mum waking me up and telling me she loved me and
that I should not let anyone shut down my visions no matter what. I felt encouraged, which made
me work so hard, and I made it to high school with the highest grade.
Later, I learned that people bullied me because of the glasses that made me look like a
nerd, and that is why they picked on me. However, I would not change anything about it because
I was diagnosed with chronic shortsightedness at four years, and therefore I had to rely on the
glasses to enable me to navigate through my world. I could not understand why people decided
to hate other people because the victim would do nothing to change.
But now, because I knew the reason, I was contemplating that I will not anything stop me
from achieving whatever I wanted to achieve, and was making a plan on how to defend myself
when I heard a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me to find Alex, my new friend, and he also
shared a table with me at the cafeteria. He was jumping up and down, pointing towards the edge
of a block like a little child and taking a closer look, it was the ice cream truck approaching, and
it brought a lot of relief as it was the only thing, I was dying to have to enable me to think more
Like, little children, we chased the truck before turning around a corner to the next block.
By the time we reached it, we were panting our hearts out but excited to be the first customers.
After getting my strawberry scoop, I felt as if I owned the world, which was a feeling I realized I
always felt whenever I ate ice creams. Sometimes, even in middle school, when I was too
depressed, I would dispose of myself on our fridge, and if you asked my family, they knew I was
a big ice cream fan but did not know why.
Sometimes, I would eat the entire ice cream container and call that dinner, but I later
realized in high school in a biology class that all I was doing nothing but just destroying my
body. Therefore, I had decided that I needed to eat healthier but still keep my sweet tooth in
moderation which enabled me to enjoy ice cream as a dessert and not the main meal.
Both Alex and I looked for a place where we could sit and enjoy our cold dessert under
the summer sun. Each bite felt like heaven, it was so soothing and calming at the same time, and
it was the first time I realized that I was thirsty for some liquid. I forgot my friend was beside me
for some time, and I just closed my eyes in every bite enjoying the cool wind brushing on my
face. It was awesome.
When I opened my eyes, I found my friend staring at me with a worried look, and all he
said was that he was concerned because the entire time I was crying. This took me by surprise
because, in my mind, I was in my world enjoying my ice cream, but the reality was there
haunting me, and it left me as the weak and helpless kid doing other children’s homework in my
middle school.
When I looked at him, his face was full of concern, a way no one had ever looked at me
with such a look, and I could not help but tell him what was going on. To my surprise, he said to
me that he had undergone the same thing as me until he decided to stand up and fight for himself.
Furthermore, he said that if I were to remain quiet about the issue, no one would ever fight for
me. He also proposed that I take time to listen to music as it helps with soothing the mind and
eliminating evil thoughts that come into one’s mind when the world comes crashing, and there
seems like nothing can be solved.
As the last guide, he told me that I needed to talk to my parents about it as they are the
only people who would always love me and stick by me even when everyone left. We agreed
that he would help me gain dignity at school and do my best to resolve any wrongs I did to my
family when I was under depression.
From that day, I cannot believe how powerful the ice cream scoop is, as today I have a
true friend who sticks by my side and empowers me to overcome anything in life. Also, let me
add that we ganged up to face my bullies, and my school life is nothing but the best. Whenever
we hang out on weekends after the long days at school, we always lookout for an ice cream truck
and sit under a tree or on a bench if there is any and enjoy each bite of the cold dessert. We end
up talking until dusk, and then I head back home to assist with house chores.
Today, I can declare that sharing ice cream with Alex helped me express my hurting side
of life, and at the same time, I regained my self-esteem. Also, I corrected my depression. Even
today, I speak to other students about mental illnesses and tell them that mental sickness is real,
and I help them overcome them by standing up for themselves.

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