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Take extensive notes during the film. This will help you complete the rest of the project. After viewing the film, identify unit one concepts from the list below that you think were displayed in the film. Use your text, lecture notes and the study guide.  Use a minimum of 5 different concepts. Only those concepts listed at the end of this information page are permitted


Why we communicate

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The self-concept cycle (not in the text)

Reflected Appraisal

Social Comparison

Influences on Identity

Self-fulfilling Prophecy




Please note that for your individual “notes”, I am not looking for your actual notes.  You should pick 5 concepts from the list (at the bottom on this page).   Deal with each concept individually. Define each concept, identify where you got the definition (do NOT use the internet), provide an example of the concept in action from the film, then specifically explain how the example fits the definition. Keep in mind that your explanation is where most of the grade will come from.  The explanation is KEY. Do NOT use essay format.

For each concept:

Provide a definition from either the text or lecture pages (one sentence is enough).

Include the page number where it is found in the text or indicate it is from the lecture, etc.

Follow each definition with a detailed example from the film. Include a detailed description of the scene, characters involved and the situation

EXPLAIN why you believe this scene demonstrates the term or concept that you identified.

Know and use the names of the characters in the film.

This explanation is where most of your grade will come from so be specific and clear.

Do NOT put your notes in essay format.  If they are submitted in essay format I will not read them and you will earn a zero for this part of the assignment.

Use this format (including numbers):



Location where definition was found

Scene from the film

Explanation as to how/why the scene fits the definition

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