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A Boring Parking Structure is
Just Water Under the Bridge
(not final)
Project Goals (3)
1. Stormwater Collection (artistic design)
2. Air well (artistic design)
3. Informational booth on water use and management
4. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Public+parking/@34.020974,118.5086138,3a,75y,189.73h,80.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s62N5SFowSIbCC
Currently there sits a parking lot for very
valuable land on the west side of the Pacific
Coast Highway. We were offered the
opportunity to make changes to it and make it
more sustainable and bring in green urban
designs. We decided that the best course of
action in the region would be to remove the
parking structure and install a waterwell that
transports the water to a nearby water
treatment plant so that it may to be used within
the region. We also decided on adding a
sculpture garden and a tourist attraction, which
both helps to educate the public on how water
gets to them and how to conserve it.
Site Plan
● Stormwater Collection (artistic design)
● Air well (artistic design)
● Informational booth on water use and management
Tourist destination like getty villa to draw in crowds and have them look at it
Transportation of our lifeline
Building of a pipe system or aqueduct that transport water from the sculpture
garden’s Airwell to Santa Monica Water Treatment plant
Instead of releasing the water right back into the ocean, we could use it for flushing
toilets and washing our hands.
Hopefully this educates and interests from the public in both conserving our valuable
resource (water) and to bring more resources to the field.
Not only would the wastewater treatment help increase La’s need of freshwater, we
would be able to help educate the public and help deter them from throwing trash
down the stormwater drain, which would be rerouted to our wastewater treatment
Around 3.6576 KM from our location to the Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant.
We could also add hidden solar panels on top that covers the water, making
transportation of water less likely to be lost by evaporation.
Has both artistic and actual value

We already add solar panels on top of canals, so this is feasible.

The Magic of Air Wells
Build a structure that can collect water (Air Wells)
Made of material, such as Mycelium, that will ensure the
inside is cooler than the outside
Allows cars and pedestrians to enter the structure freely
Has pipes to transport the water and be available for use by
the people to wash themselves off after coming from the
How does this work?
● Through the Heat Exchanger approach
Building a structure that can be cooled to a point lower
than that of the surrounding area, allowing the formation
of dew.
Must have an
artistic design
Lures visitors in
and appreciate
Prized Knowledge
Purpose of the Informational Booth
● Provides visitors information regarding air wells
● Promotes environmental awareness
What makes this Booth special?
● Contains a demonstration/simulation of how the Air Wells function
Attendees receive a discount rate for their parking at the lot.
(Limit: 1 per car)
Digital Pamphlet
Picture of group at the booth
â—‹ With details showing the date
Benefits and Who Will Fund?
The Benefits:
â—‹ Provide information on water usage
â—‹ Confined change to current structure
â—‹ Increased water capture for Santa
â—‹ Takes advantage of ocean marine
â—‹ Potentially visually appealing
Potential Funders:
○ State Water Resources Control Board’s
Proposition 1 Storm Water Grant Program
Metropolitan Water District of Southern
California’s Local Resources Program
City of Santa Monica
City of Santa Monica Department of
Cultural Affairs

-maybe put numbers on how many people visit santa monica pier per
year, and state how many people we can potentially educate across the united
-we could also include how much more people we can be treating water
How you met goals
Harvesting Energy
Through Human Activity
+ Main Idea of Proposal
 Use physical activity, including sports, walking, dancing,
playing, and talking to generate electricity with Kenetic
plates and Sonea technology, and transfer it into usable forms
while creating a community space for Culver City residents.
 Funded by Grants and Culver City Council
 PEP (Park Enhancement Program) Grants
 Culver City Great Parks Association
 Culver City Redevelopment Agency
 Hannover Principles:
 Nature and Humans coexist
 Interdependence
+ Site Map
Parking area
Green area
Storage Area
Green area
Culver City S
+ Phase 1 – Identify and eliminate problems
of existing site
Location: Venice Blvd & National Blvd & Exposition Blvd, Culver City
Size of Site: 12,643 sq. feet
â‘  Underutilization of central area
â‘¡ Lack of green space
â‘¢ Does not promote human interaction
â‘£ No leisure activity space
⑤ Unattractive space
+ Phase 2 – Separate spaces of physical
activity, public space, green space, and
parking lots
+ Activities on Site
 Public Space
 Green Space
 Playground
 Sports Facilities
 Sidewalks /
Bike Lane
 Parking
+ Phase 3 – Install Kinetic Plates and Sonea
Kinetic Plates
 Harvests energy from weight
 Converts sound to energy
 Converts 30 watts of power per
decibel of sound
and movement
 Weight puts pressure on
plates which creates kinetic
energy that runs a generator
 Kinetic Road Plates create 30
kWh green energy every
 Installed on plane runways
 500 Airplanes a day = 120 MW
 Collect noise from people,
cars, and train
+ Phase 4 – Install Indicators
1. Equipment Activation
2. Data on Display
 Daytime – Activate outdoor
 Use a LED screen to display
mist cooling system to cool
the air
 Nighttime – Turn on
surrounding street lamps
the data collected
 Energy generated:
 Each day
 Total
 Sonea vs. Kinetic Plates
average weight
energy produced
+ Display Generated Electricity at night
with 100 Street Lamps
 Goal – Generate enough electricity to power at least 80 of the
100 green lights every night (including leftover electricity
from day activity with battery)
 100 green LED street lights will line the exterior of the public
space in order to create a visualization of the electricity
produced from public physical activity.
+ Overall Benefits
 Promotes healthy behavior and physical
activity within the Culver City
 Provides a public space for community
members of all ages to gather, socialize,
and exercise together
 Communal Public Art Project
 Enhance the attractiveness of the
 Teach public that they can personally
make a difference with green technology
= “People Powered”
Imagery ©2021 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agency, Map data ©2021
100 ft
Imagery ©2021 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agency, Map data ©2021
100 ft

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