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Utilize current motivational theory to develop and justify a compensation strategy that aligns with your companies goals.


You have been hired as the new head of HR at a startup marketing company. The company builds websites primarily for businesses in the financial sector. The company is structures around individual accounts. Each account handles one business site from start to completion and is responsible for all activities in the development of the site. Typically an account team has the following roles:

Account manager – primary manager over the entire account. Base Salary $72,000

Project manager – may be multiple people at times, if there are simultaneous projects underway. Each project manager is responsible for a single stream of income. For instance if a large site is developing a new section, that will be a separate stream for the account. Base Salary $70,000

1 client liaison who is responsible for communicating with the client and ensuring the team is meeting their needs. Base Salary $65,000

2 creatives who are responsible for design choices and can be utilized by any of the project managers. Base Salary $67,000

2 researchers who are responsible for consumer research and directing the team’s choices to best meet the consumers’ needs. Base Salary $60,000

3 programmers who are responsible for coding the site Base Salary $86,000

2 support staff who are used as needed by the team Base Salary $49,000

Your company landed a large account for an major insurance company to redesign their aging website. The account will bring in more than $2.6 million to the company by the end of the project, of which $1.2 million will be in profit; leaving 1.4 million to be used for salaries and incentives. Comprehensive health care and retirement funding are provided for all employees as part of their base salary. The project is expected to take 1 year.


Using one or more motivational theories, develop a compensation strategy for the account team that will produce the highest quality product for the client while keeping costs down. The teams salaries are fixed, so you will need to use the remaining money for incentives only.

Grading Criteria

Explain what theory or theories you are using and why those were chosen.

Detail your compensation strategy for each team member and justify why that strategy was chosen using the motivational theories you previously outlined.

Have a list of compensation amounts including salaries and bonuses and any other amounts used to motivate your employees. Justify why those amounts where chosen.

Identify and justify any other compensation besides money that might be used in your strategy.

Turn in a well written and properly formatted Word document on time to Canvas





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