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Science confirms that the content and structure of the human brain changes in response to what we learn and experience. When we take a new class, learn a new language, or learn to play a musical instrument, our brain reacts by creating fresh neuron growth that represents actual ability. The outcome is that we are more capable, and have a stronger neural network that in turn upgrades our personality, our skills-set, and our self esteem. This process can be applied to any challenge we seek, any field we enter, and any relationship we want to develop. Our brain adapts to the challenges we choose to embrace. Then when we persist through struggles along the way, we create for ourselves a personality that is resilient and better prepared for new endeavors.

This Discussion is in two parts.

Part 1: This is a chance for you to make the connection between your behavior and actual neuron growth in your brain. The idea is that the activities you choose to be involved with today create the person you will be in the future. And so for this topic, describe the person you want to become in five years’ time. What new things will you learn that will stimulate an advanced and diverse neural network in yourself? Be sure to discuss the challenges you might encounter along the way and what you will need to do to overcome them. Here are some examples of what to write about:

a. Your career choice, and what skills and education it requires.

b. How you will be a member of your community, as an active participant or leader.

c. What choice of home culture you will pick for your own family.

d. Which healthful living activities such as diet, exercise, or meditation will you choose?

e, What new hobby would you pursue? Is it individual or team-related?

f. Or any other example of how you will have developed over those the next five years.

Part 2: This topic involves a kind of fast-forwarding in the development of the mind. There is research going on today that aims to create computer chips for placement in the human mind to help with various functions. The chips are intended to inform us or help us make decisions. For example, a chip could be implanted to identify diseases in the body, calculate our blood pressure, tell us when our diet isn’t providing sufficient vitamins, or even tell us when we need sleep. Other possibilities are numerous. The questions for this Discussion topic are, which of these functions, if any, would you like a brain-chip for: larger memory storage while you are in school, or a chip that helps you with creativity, or a chip that helps you control your emotions, or a chip to help you understand what is best for you and how to choose that path, or etc. Then discuss why you are willing to give up part of your human nature in favor of a new, possibly improved digital nature. Can you co-exist with a mini-computer in your brain?

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