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Multiple Regression:

Class Survey Data File

Building Your MR Model:

Selecting Your X-variables*

• Y-variable: HAPPY* (The Happy data is in the last column of data in the Class Survey Data File.)

• X-variables: Select 3 (no more, no less),

one of which must be 2-category nominal-level data.

• To include your selected 2-category nominal data in your model, see the short video, “Creating a Dummy

Variable in Excel” in the Assignment area of this chapter.

*The queries for all responses are included on the “Survey Questions” sheet of the Class Survey File.


pfront Planning on Selection of Variables


Survey data includes external factors, demographic data, personality traits, emotional measures,

and spiritual/religious dimensions.

• Think about what a good model might be. Have an overarching idea for your model. Then support that

idea by the X-variables you select.

• Doing the above will make your statement much easier to write and more than a sterile, accomplishment

listing of stats knowledge, because you will have specific context through which to interpret your results.

We create the model to test our thinking/reasoning (as with the C-13 Correlation & C-13 SLR assignments)


Running Your Data


Copy & Paste

your variables form the Class Survey Data File onto a new sheet. Place the X-variables in

adjacent columns with the Y-variable (Happy) in a column before/after.

● In Excel, running MR involves the same steps as running SLR (C-13 SLR assignment).







Data Analysis




and complete the Popup Box as before:

â—‹ Input Y Range: the range of cells containing your Y-variables data

â—‹ Input X Range: the range of cells containing your X-variable data

â—‹ Click on Labels

â—‹ Output Range: input any cell that is not already occupied


click on New Worksheet Ply

â—‹ Note: Excel auto-sets

alpha at .05

(95% confidence level). You can use this setting.

Create a (Multi)collinearity Matrix

Return to your selected X-variables & Y-variable.


on the



Data Analysis

, and then select


Input Range: Highlight (Select) the cell range for all the data: Xs, Y, and Labels



(Default Setting)




in the first row

Click on

Output Range

and input a cell outside the range of your data. Click



the second set of upper and lower 95% boundaries (the last 2 columns) in the Anova table.

Do NOT turn in the raw data. ● Do NOT turn in any residuals. ● Do NOT turn in any graphs.



Copy and Paste the correlation matrix below your multiple regression output tables.

Interpreting Your Results

I am not looking for one correct model or a useful model. So, there is no reason to run multiple models.

What is important is your demonstration of creating a model, the articulation of your reasoning for your model/X-variables, your statement of how the results support and/or do not support your thinking, and any specific explanation and conclusion regarding your particular outcome. Your writing should display critical thinking and insight into your understanding of multiple regression within the given context


1 Possible Structure:

○ Intro: What’s your model and reasoning for X-variables selection.

â—‹ Body: Analyze the data within the context of your model/reasoning.

â—‹ Conclusion: Summary? Possible Changes? Possible Next Step? Etc.

General Writing Tips

(That you know but may forget while focused on the statistics):


Let the reader know your dummy variable code, either in the statement or tables.


Specificity is better than generalities.

â—‹ Conciseness is better than verbosity.

â—‹ Paragraphs show organization of thought. Use them (or write as well as

Jose Saragamo



Output Tables

Set cells to 3 decimals and clean up tables, including but not necessarily limited to specifically identifying your output, widening/shortening column widths and/or merging cells so all words are fully legible, etc.

C 13_Submission Form_MR_1-Way Anova

• Response must be in




work and in


own words.

• You are not getting a degree in data entry or Excel, so whether a score moves upwards or downwards

is determined to the degree to which the statement is a well-executed, blended expression of subject

matter context and statistics.

• Use 11pt/12pt font and do not exceed 1 page.

IMPORTANT: Submission Forms must be kept as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) or if

Page 2: Attach a second page containing your Multiple Regression Output (in this order):

needed try as an image (jpeg, jpg, or png). Other formats do not open on my end.

Submission Form: Order of Materials

• Page 1: Written Statement

â—‹ Summary Output Table

â—‹ Anova Table

â—‹ Coefficient Table

â—‹ (Multi)collinearity Matrix

Nota Bene:

For reading pages and pages of directions this semester and for working to follow them, Thank You!

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