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Provide specific examples of personal and/or professional experiences to demonstrate how you exemplify at least three of the core values of the Samuel Merritt University Physician Assistant Program. (List core values in the order of importance)

If you feel there are deficiencies in any part of your application as a result of life circumstances, please explain those issues and how you have effectively addressed them.

Samuel Merritt University values the unique contributions of students from diverse backgrounds. Please provide insight into the contribution you will make to our program and the PA profession as a result of your unique background and life experience.

Personal Statement
Institution Affiliation
Personal Statement
Hello, my name is Anjela, and this is my story. I was born and raised in a small town in
northern Iraq called Batnay. My family and I did not have immediate access to health care, safe
drinking water, or electricity. The village was one and a half hours from the city of Mosul. Most
were times we could not drive to the city due to war and terrorism. Our village experienced a
high mortality rate due to limited healthcare services. Concerning our culture, village norms
required young girls to establish families and assume household responsibilities such as raising
children and preparing meals. The majority of the villagers were unaware of public health.
Therefore, they had no skills in prevention measures or vaccination against diseases. Besides,
some parts of the world are still struggling to establish reliable healthcare systems. Becoming a
Physician’s Assistant will allow me to impact the world through healthcare services. I want to
help villages like mine by enhancing access to healthcare and making them fully aware of health
promotion and disease prevention.
I was nine years of age when my family decided to flee to another country due to war.
We spent one year in Turkey before coming to the United States as refugees. I joined elementary
school soon after entering the country, but school life was challenging because I could not speak,
write, or read English. I went through a rough change, but it was still hard to adapt to the new
environment. Hence, I had to push myself harder every day to learn my new culture and
language. I had to overcome fear by practicing how to speak English with my classmates.
Eventually, I became trilingual. I can easily communicate with different ethnic groups and serve
many populations.
After graduating high school, I attended Cuyamaca and Grossmont College and earned
three Associate’s degrees: Public Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and History with
Honors. I was admitted to San Diego State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Public
Health. A Public Health major allowed me to expand my horizon in public health policies and
issues affecting the United States and the entire world.
Soon after acquiring a Medical Assisting degree, I got a job at La Maestra Community
Health Centers as a Medical Assistant. I am in charge of underserved communities because I
help refugees and low-income patients with various treatment plans. As a medical assistant, I
perform multiple clinical duties and responsibilities while closely working with providers in
family practice, women’s health, pediatrics, and other departments. My duties include but are not
limited to taking vitals, interpreting lab results, and referring patients to different specialty areas
based on their health concerns. This position allows me to work closely with providers and
expand my knowledge in patient care.
I am determined to achieve my career goals by becoming a Physician’s Assistant. My life
experiences and background motivates me to pursue this program. Also, environmental factors
and life challenges played a significant role in my life. For example, limited access to healthcare
changed my life forever. Therefore, I want to impact the world by helping impoverished areas
that do not have immediate access to healthcare. Also, I look forward to changing somebody
else’s life by motivating them to accomplish their goals through hard work, strong willpower,
consistency, and dedication.

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