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Shopping Management System
A Shopping management system where admin can add/view/delete products
and clients can view/buy/cancel/pay for purchasing.
Users of the System
Functional Requirements
1. Admin
Can add clients à Hashmap or ArrayList
Can add products à Hashmap or ArrayList
Can view/delete products
Can logout
Modify product profile
Manage the system
2. Clients
Can view product
Can buy
Can pay
Can cancel purchasing
Can view its profile
Can logout
Your program must have at least 5 classes or more. As examples, Product
class, Client class, Admin class, StoreSystem class ….
The project must have a Test Class which contains the main() method and
test the created classes.
The aim of the assignment is to implement an OOP project developed in java. The project is
expected to provide a specified system demonstrating OOP design skills.
The points for the project are obtained for timely and complete demonstration of
intermediate milestones. When submitting your solution you should be able to:
show a working solution,
explain how to code your written works,
explain any design decisions you made,
testing your code with the specifications,
inspecting your code as to how well and efficiently it is written, and
The project millstone divided to the following:
Building a complete class diagram (at least 5 classes) for the whole project
Ensure encapsulation implemented in a proper way (getter, setter)
Classes should divide into packages (at least 2 packages)
Ensure inheritance implemented in proper way
Project must have “has-a” relationship and array of objects such as faculty and list of
6- Project should allow user entry through keyboard
7- UML diagram for the whole project
8- Nice to have feature: project should have a menu for operations controls user flow
9- Project team must implement a unique idea, as working in same idea by 2 groups will
not acceptable
10- Prepare a PowerPoint presentation containing a description of your project and the
UML design with a description for each class.
Submission of milestones
You are to show that your project passes the milestone requirements by submitting an
electronic copy of code and PowerPoint presentation.
Project Presentation
Be ready to demonstrate your project designs & UML using power point presentation, then
review for your code & inspection will be done.

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