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Can you help me understand this Communications question?

First, write 10 annotated bibliographies for the 10 sources I have provided in a zip folder r

elated to the use of social media in the Arabic word.

Please follow the example I have provided for an annotated bibliography. Each annotated bibliography must be at least half a page Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double Spaced. And in APA style citation.

The second most important thing is that each annotated bibliography must be free of plagiarism.

Citation Title: “Social media as public opinion: How journalists use social media to represent
public opinion”
Citation APA: (McGregor, 2019)
McGregor, S. C. (2019). Social media as public opinion: How journalists use social media to
represent public opinion. Journalism, 20(8), 1070–1086.
Article Description:
The study sought to provide a comprehension of how social media is utilized in shaping
public opinion by journalists, as well as how journalists, through social media, are able to define
public opinion. In other words, this study delved into the journalistic use of social media to
comprehend, introduce, and more importantly, embody public thoughts in its sentiments.
Shannon McGregor, the author, argued that social media has provided new ways of recognizing
public opinion. Unlike surveys, social media provides an opportunity for a distinctive
exemplification of public opinion. And the author added that social media established ways
where journalists are able to shape public opinion, read it, and react to it.
Regarding the method used in the study, content analysis of news materials related to the
election of 2016 were collected. Also, journalists were interviewed regarding their use of social
media as a way of shaping and defining public opinion. The content analysis discovered how
social media is an exemplification of the public and the interviews revealed the existing
journalistic practices of social media. This study suggests that social media can broaden the
concept of public opinion by utilizing a qualitative approach as it has been described. Also,
social media might inaccurately represent public opinion which leads to a turbulence related to
the practical practices of journalists on a daily basis.

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