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Balancing School and Life – My Quality of Life Self-Care Plan

. The purpose of developing this Plan is to set a framework and a plan to maintain wellness and to stay motivated and engaged throughout your Program. Doing this will help you achieve success during your coursework and as a professional nurse.

The goal of the Project is to help you become self-aware and reflective as a means of identifying personal self-care strategies that will increase your energy and help you manage your stress. The Project will give you a chance to learn how this is accomplished as you will be doing similar work with clients during the Program and as a professional nurse to assist them in the same way.

Review the results of your quality of life assessment.

WHO Quality of Life Self-Care Tool
WHO Quality of Life Self-Care Tool
Nursing Dimensions
Rasmussen University
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
The WHOQOL is the quality-of-life self-care tool I chose. WHO is a major organization
that is the world leader in the organization of health responses and resources. WHO organization
has a broad base of knowledge along with resources to help people across the globe understand
diseases and mental and social conditions. There are six domains which include Physical,
Psychological, Level of Independence, Social Relationships, and Environmental and Spiritual.
Domain I is a strategy that discusses Psychological strengths and gives insight into the
discussion of self-esteem. Self-esteem builds up over the years. The domain examines what
people feel about themselves and their sense of worth. Another strength of Psychological is body
image, and appearance coincides with how one feels about themselves.
Having positive self-esteem starts with an individual’s mental thoughts. I create my
thoughts, whether positive or negative. My thoughts are my personal space and will always
remain in my control. Furthermore, accomplishing set goals comes from a place of positive
thought. I understand that success is how a person conceives their self accomplishments.
Therefore, success for me can be unsuccessful for another person. Also, positive thoughts are a
motto for accomplishing set goals. Comparing myself to others’ success and similar goals isn’t
beneficial. Taking it easy on myself is essential because an individual is their harshest critic. I
remember that my perception of myself will not always be the same as others, and I’m ok with
this. I constantly feed myself positive thoughts by telling myself I’m not perfect, but sure it is
worth it!
In my strength of body image, I make it my priority to look my absolute best. Looking
good always worked best together for me. It’s beneficial to look your best, especially in a world
where people judge you based on your looks. In some cases, a job opportunity will be promising
based on your appearance. Knowing who your audience is will be the key to having my
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
appearance work for me. Also, taking care of your physical being makes an individual feel
desirable, which is part of self-esteem.
Domain III discusses the level of independence. Social support was examined, and it
discusses the importance of the support of family and friends. At times I find this to be my
weakness. I think more about the future when it comes to family support. I think about how the
support of my family has allowed me to go after my goals. My biggest concern is losing my
support for my son with special needs. My son’s future is always on my mind. One source to
figuring things out is counseling, which I think will put many of my thoughts into perspective.
Planning ahead to know of resources for interdependent children with autism will be beneficial.
Without the necessary support, I may have to put my career on hold.
Domain V discusses Environment. This domain is essential to me because financial
resources are examined. With the economy crashing and everything being priced high, the stress
of being financially secured rises. It’s tough to save. People want to enjoy much more out of life
than working. I want to travel more in my life. Learning about financial resources is essential
because of the lasting benefits they can have on my family. I want to achieve generational
wealth. My income will determine my options for a fulfilling life. Outside of income, I must be
educated on investments. Investing my money is beneficial for my future. The assessment life
tool narrows down the reality that financial benefits ultimately are narrowed down by one’s selffulfillment. This is based on an individual’s satisfaction with what life one sees fit. I have to
determine where I want my life to lead me ultimately. I have found a way to continue to seek
financial freedom. Eventually, I plan to take classes for future investments I seek fit. I must
remember I’m my hardest critic. How I feel about myself is based on my thoughts. Nobody is
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
forcing me to be successful, and whatever I choose to do, it’s for the benefit of myself. I’m
hoping for a promising future that can benefit my family and me for years to come.
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
WHOQOL – Measuring Quality of Life| The World Health Organization
The World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL)
WHF_1996_17(4)_p354-356.pdf (who.int)
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool
WHO Quality of Life Self Care Tool

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