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After reading the attached, comment on the examples that you feel best illustrate the value of regulatory awareness for procurement.

DBR4-1 (TS)
Hi Everyone,
After reviewing the Manchester, New Hampshire, Code of Ordinances, I believe is unlawful to
sell used Christmas Trees as firewood without a license. The key element here is the license. If I
understand the ordinances correctly, used Christmas trees may be sold if a business license is
obtained. Depending on how the trees are sold, one can obtain a license as either a peddler or
junk dealer. Title XI Business Regulations, chapter 115, section 115.01, defines a peddler as any
person moving from place to place by various modes of transportation offering services or
selling goods, or one who keeps a regular place of business but offers goods for sale through
agents or other establishments. (City of Manchester, New Hampshire Code of Ordinances, 2022).
Title XI Business Regulations, chapter 110, section 110.01, defines a junk dealer as anyone who
collects or buys junk set for salvage and holds it for storage or resale. (City of Manchester, New
Hampshire Code of Ordinances, 2022). Based on this information a business license can be
obtained, and the trees resold.
Where I live in California, the same basic regulations apply. Anyone soliciting items for an
exchange of value as a peddler or second-hand dealer must apply for a business license or
permit. (Camarillo, California Code of Ordinances, 2022). Unfortunately, I was unable to find
anywhere in the code of ordinances or other sources that specifically addressed the “resale” of
Christmas trees. The selling of Christmas trees on a commercially zoned lot was addressed in the
same code of ordinances, chapter 19.63.020, under permitted uses.
It is very important for any procurement officer to understand what can and cannot be done city
to city, and state to state. What may be legal in New Hampshire may be illegal in California.
Licensing and permit fees may vary in cost from one location to the next adding cost to a
procurement project. If the proper research is not performed to understand these nuisances, a
procurement could be at serious risk of cost increases, schedule delays, or both, which could
significantly damage overall project progress.
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