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Title of Paper (Not name of assignment. What is this paper about?)
Student Name
Southern New Hampshire University
IDS 400 Diversity
Dr. Arron Grow
Submission Date
Title of Paper (yes exactly what was written on Previous Page)
Provide a brief paragraph that explains what the paper is about. For this Module 5
Writing Activity, you should be writing about the topic that your course project will be about.
Your topic should be an action-oriented, something that names a population and a
diversity-related element for that population, Examples: Increasing Diversity Hiring in
Organizations, Improving Healthcare Access to the LGBTQ Community, Affecting Change
in Perceptions of Teenage Pregnancy, Fighting Ageism in Hollywood, etc.
How Critical Analysis of (topicname) has Positively Informed My Personal Experience
First, change (topicname) in the section heading to be the topic you are discussing. Delete
the parenthesis marks too. After this, like the section heading says, discuss how you’re looking
into the topic you are investigating has positively informed your personal experience.
Alterations of Perception of World based on Personal Examination of Bias
Discuss ways your world view has been altered based on an examination of your personal
biases. Think back to an earlier module when you took the personal bias inventory. Briefly
discuss what you uncovered from that inventory (to your level of comfort), and how the new
awareness that came out of that has altered your world view. Be specific. Generic replies like,
‘This changed my views a lot’ without any details or specifics, really doesn’t say anything.
How Critical Analysis of Diversity can Positively Influence my (Field of Study or
Delete (field of study or profession) in the section heading above and replace with only
Field of Study or Profession. Delete the parenthesis marks too. Then, discuss exactly what the
section title says. Again, discuss specific positive influences. If you do not use academic
references in this paper. Delete the last page of this template before submitting.
List resources cited in the document, in order by first author’s last name.
If authors name is not available, use first word of article name (not counting articles like A or
The). Each resource that is more than one line long must be organized as a hanging
paragraph (first line left aligned, subsequent lines intended as demonstrated here)
ONLY sources cited in the document are to be included on this References page.
Like the body of the paper, items in the References list are to be double-spaced.

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