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This work requires a speech draft and PPT about Colombia.

Please read every requirement in the instruction

. And every thing should be in spanish, please. Thank you!

Keep the language used in your slides and in your oral presentation simple
and rooted in the language that we have learned up to that point. Try to
choose information that will be interesting and positive. Grades will be based on
content, fluency, accuracy (grammar, vocabulary, etc.), organization,
pronunciation, meeting of goals described above, and presentation.
Requirements for all presentations:
All language in the presentation and on the slides must be in Spanish.
o You may feel the need to translate a specific word—that’s
fine, but keep it on your slides. Do not translate anything
during your presentation.
o Keep in mind that you will NOT be allowed to read your
speeches, but that you can use the bulleted notes on your
slides to keep you on track.
o You can have bulleted notes with non-conjugated verbs on
your slides, but you are prohibited from writing complete
sentences and/or paragraphs.
o You are limited in the number of slides that you can have:
â–ª Title slide
â–ª Map
â–ª End slide with a list of the resources and websites
o You may also want to include pictures or graphics—in fact,
you’re encouraged to mostly have these elements on your
Presentación 3—El turismo y el extranjero
(Capítulos 11-12)—el 9 de diciembre
The students will work a news-like report on tourism, studying and traveling
abroad, and international news. The presentation will include:
1. One element of culture—this can be art, music, sports, food, etc.,
focusing on present-tense and future-tense verbs, both indicative and
2. One event in history—something about how a tradition was formed,
focusing on past-tense verbs, both indicative and subjunctive;
3. One current event talking about a major news event—what has
been going on in the country recently? The article in question must be
from the last 2-3 months. Verbs should be in the past tense, both
indicative and subjunctive.
In preparing your slides and oral presentation, be sure to do the following:
DESCRIBE the place, people, or event as applicable and explain why
they are famous.
COMPARE an aspect of the events/culture/history of your country to
something else in Latin America/Spain or the US.
Talk briefly about the place, people, or event in the PAST.
Talk briefly about the place, people, or event in the FUTURE.
Talk briefly about the positive and negative aspects of the place,
person or event using a GUSTAR-type verb.
REACT to or give your opinion about some aspect of the place,
people, or event. (Use phrases like “Es interesante que…”, “Es triste
que…”, “Creo (No creo) que…”, etc.)
Make a RECOMMENDATION to your classmates regarding the place,
people, or event.

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