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For this project the instructor will divide the class into groups of three to four people. When you click on Collaborations, on the navigation bar to the left of this screen, your group members will be there. Choose Google Docs for the group work. You have two weeks to complete this project.

The goal of this project is to help students become more familiar with the Collaborations tool in Canvas and to have them work together respectfully and efficiently in an online group context. Group members should enter the discussions as quickly as possible, strive to cooperate with all members and persist in the discussions until the group project assignment is completed.


The Topic

Your discussion question will be

“What is the best way for an online professor to promote retention in an online course?”

For the purposes of this assignment,


will be defined as:

A student registers for an online course.

That student completes the assignments for the course.

The student receives a passing grade for the course.

The Group needs to come to a consensus and decide on the


best method or practice that an instructor can use to ensure that all students complete the course.

The Group Work Process

Study the two links below:

What are Collaborations? (Links to an external site.)

How do I view Collaborations as a Student? (Links to an external site.)

Next, click on Collaborations on the navigation menu to the left of the screen.

Find your group members.

The first person to go in should set up a discussion in Google Docs.

Read instructions below.

Start a Google Docs CollaborationLinks to an external site.

Group members should proceed to chat online and set up a schedule for completion of the project.

Individual members in each group will be graded on the number of times they enter Google Docs to plan and brainstorm the discussion topic with their group members.

The Structure

Throughout the decision making process you will use Dewey’s Reflective Thinking Model as a guide. The steps are:

How do you define the problem?

What are the causes of the problem?

What criteria must a successful solution meet?

What are the possible solutions?

Which is the best solution ?

Submit the Assignment–Title Page, Outline and APA References


Please view the rubric for this assignment (at the bottom of this page) to see how you will be graded.

Each group should produce a title page in APA that can go at the beginning of the outline file.

Each group member will turn in


outline and


APA References page that was created by the



For example, if a group has three members, the same outline will be turned in 3 times.

Submit an outline that follows the sample below and include Word Count for the outline only.

SPC 1017 Group Project Sentence Outline Template


Minimize File Preview

You need a minimum of three to four in text citations in the outline that correspond with the sources in your References.

Each group member will turn in one APA list of References.

Again, if a group has three members, each member will turn in the same References.

The reference list will have three or four scholarly sources, depending on group size.





Teacher Retention: Preventing Teacher Turnover


Sentence Outline Template for Group Project
Include a Word Count Here for the Complete Outline
Write a left aligned APA style introduction (three or four paragraphs) in full sentences
that introduces your project. Include all group members names. In this introduction you will need
to (1) define the problem, (2) describe some causes for the problem, (3) and describe some
criteria that a successful solution must meet. End this paragraph with a short list (preview) of
your three recommendations that you will expand in the Body of the outline.
I. List the first recommendation. (Use a full sentence)
A. Use a lead sentence to describe the advantages of the recommendation.
1. Use a sentence to describe the first advantage.
2. Use a sentence to describe the second advantage.
3. Add more as needed.
B. Use a lead sentence to describe the cons of the recommendation.
1. Use a sentence to describe the first disadvantage.
2. Use a sentence to describe the second disadvantage.
3. Add more as needed.
II. List the second recommendation. (Repeat the format in previous section)
III. List the third recommendation. (Repeat the format in first section)
Write a full sentence conclusion using three or four paragraphs that describes which
recommendation the group agreed on (consensus). End with how this recommendation should be
implemented. Be sure that you included in text citations (one from each group member)
throughout the outline that supported the information.

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