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In my time between the end of PreCapstone and Capstone, I plan to research as much as I can to get started with my Annotated Bibliography early. I now have my learning contract completed, and I should be able to go ahead and begin the work that I already know I will need to do. I plan to stay in contact with my mentor and make sure that they know the timeline of my project. I hope to go ahead and get some routine standing meetings on their calendar and make sure that I know of any long vacation or time off that they have coming up so that I don’t know when I should expect to do other work on my project that does not directly involve them. Aside from school, I also plan to get some larger projects completed at work as well, to free up some time and brainpower for when my Capstone begins. I have learned that I only have so much energy and time and I must be able to prioritize and give resources to the most important things. By freeing up my workday and getting ready to make my life easier, I will have more energy for my Capstone project and class. I will also be getting married during the time of my Capstone class, so I plan to use the same method of finishing up wedding plans during my break, to make sure that I can cut out that stress as well during the semester. I have heard from former BSHSA graduates that the secret Capstone class is all about staying on top of your timeline and not leaving things for the last minute. I will need to be very intentional about this.


As we have ended Pre-Capstone, I believe I have a very good idea of what I will be doing and when I will be doing it. This course has given me the clear mind on what I will like to achieve and how I am going to achieve it. With the learning contract and timeline, I will be able to casually review it every now and then before the Capstone course. The idea is to not forget about what you have planned, but to constantly be thinking on how you are going to achieve your goals and how you will conduct your research. The break between the two courses is a time to have a refreshed mind set so that we can go head first into our Capstone.

My mentor will be contacted a few times before the Capstone for reminders and ideas. She will be presented with my timeline before the Capstone, so that she has an idea of what needs to be done and when. She has already provided me her schedule and when she will not be in the office. This way I am able to schedule my times with her and have an organized schedule. I will probably have a meeting with her before the Capstone starts, so that we can discuss details and specifics. If there is anything missing, that would be the time to get everything settled. We are both very excited to experience this adventure, as she has never done a Capstone. We are doing this together and will provide a project that can possibly help the company in the future.

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