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As a mental health or healthcare professional is extremely important to have the clients best interest at heart. Making sure us as professional keep accurate documentation is crucial to the well being of the client. Healthcare providers should be aware of a client’s treatment plans and medical history. We should be aware of any recent outcomes and or test result. Knowing a client’s medications is important also. As medical professional we want to ensure we our giving our clients the best care. Charting and taking the time to fill out paperwork is necessary.

Healthcare professional should also chart and complete paperwork so each member of the client’s healthcare team knows what is currently or has previously happened in the client’s life. Everyone involved in the client’s health should be on the same page. The chart can give a better understanding of how a client may react to certain treatments plans and what outcome maybe expected. Charting can assist with helping your team evaluate and update any relevant health concerns. Once charting is current and properly completed we can determine what is best for the client moving forward. Charting and paperwork is to help benefit not only the client but us health professionals as well.


I understand and respect my colleagues in confinding in me first. But, I will tell them I do not agree with them 100%. Yes, others may feel like they can be more effective with hands on, but in all facts, you will have to use documentation. Being a professional counselor, you must take recorded sessions, and written documents. I would explain the importance of recorded sessions first. Recorded sessions well show things an counselor could easily overlook, things such as, movements on a certain subject that could rub the client the wrong way. It also shows the empathy of the counselor, how the client reacts to some of the answers they replay to. It also shows body language of how the client may act towards a topic that’s not comfortable at discussing. Therefore, the counselor could see this, and better work on helping the client express it better without pressuring the client feel comfortable.

I would let them know how serious it is to have written documents of all sessions. This allows the counselor to go by written evidence of how the client is coming along in the sessions. Taking down documents save you the hassel of forgetting, or getting the wrong information mixed up with other clients. You can also make decisions on whether the client needs more effective help, and if agencies need to be involved. When documents are written down, it makes it easier for the counselor to keep things in order, and assigned to the right cases. I do understand my colleagues and there decisions, but I’d rather use documentation any day.


Upon having reviewed the material one interesting point that I found was to make certain to stay abreast of what services are in fact available. It can be very frustrating for people to spin their wheels and get nowhere. Funding for programs can change over the years resulting in shifting, opening, and closing of programs people may rely on. For this reason it is important as a family worker to keep up with the most up to date information on what services are available in the community and what the onboarding process looks like for each of those programs. It may very well mean the difference between a family seeking and getting the help they need.


In the information given in this week’s lesson I think that when working with a family and making an appropriate referral is important working in the Human Service field. When working with a family and they present a problem it is important to make the correct referral and follow up with the family to make sure their needs are met. When people seek out services, they are sometimes afraid that nobody will help them, or they will be judged. So, if you make a referral and it does not work out then their fears are validated, and they are less likely to seek services ever again. I choose this information because in the human service field we are there to help people live a better life and help them through difficulties they are facing.


The upcoming capstone project is very important and I am relying on my mentor for her support and knowledge throughout the project. If my mentor backed out at the last minute I would be quite devastated but I would not give up. I would first contact my professor in the capstone class and inform them of the news and see what they suggested. I would start searching for a replacement mentor in the same organization so my project could go on unchanged. I would be very annoying and not give up until I found someone in the organization that would help me out. If that failed, I would look elsewhere in an organization similar to my chosen organization so my project could be completed only partially changed.

If my mentor wanted to change part of my upcoming capstone project, I would be open to it and take their suggestions. I would explain to them that I couldn’t change the project again after this change and I appreciate them being my mentor. If I ran into a problem with a difficult person or situation during the project I wouldn’t be deterred. I would move on to a more agreeing person or situation and make my project work. If I was confronted with some type of natural disaster or other event that disrupted my ability to complete my capstone project I would contact my professor and explain the situation in detail. I would assume I would be granted some type of extension if a hurricane directly hit the Tampa Bay Area. The SPC professors have always been very accommodating during situations of less severity and want me to succeed.


Problem solving honestly is one of my strong work ethics. When it comes to a mentor backing out from the capstone experience last minute, there should always be a backup. When I first started, I had two mentors in mind. I obviously went with the one who was more experienced in my area of work, but if anything was to happen, I had another mentor who was willing to work with me.

If a mentor wants to change a few things in the learning contract, that is fine but should be in the early weeks of the capstone. All little changes should be made in the first few weeks and obviously has to be approved by your professor. After a certain week, no changes should be made to the learning contract. The mentor did sign the original copy and should respect all the changes that have already been made between student and professor.

When dealing with difficult people or situations, patience is key. All problems do get worked out one way or another. Do not stress or fear, take a breather and try to figure out the problem as best as your can. Always be respectful and patient, and people, no matter what the problem is, will respect you for keeping calm and maintaining professionalism.

If a natural disaster were to occur and the capstone can not be completed, always try to call or email your professor to see what can be done. The capstone is the biggest part of a bachelor’s degree. Maybe the professor can extend some dates for things to be sent in. If the disaster is that horrific, but was a known storm, maybe moving locations to a safer area is a good idea. Having internet access is very important throughout the whole capstone semester.

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