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Below are questions asked in an interview below. After going over the questions please answer the questions following the inter also listed below. Please fill in to make the paper good and creative.

Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up there?

-After my mom died I had an African American foster family take me in. Culturally it was very different from what I was used to. Simple things like the food we ate, hairstyles and hair care, and even mannerisms.

Have you had any interesting or unusual cross-cultural experiences?

-I remember being out with my foster family and I would have people stop me of course white people asking me if I was OK or if I was safe because in their words “I looked like I didn’t belong”

Did you grow up in an urban or rural setting? Did you live in a house, apartment, etc? Who lived with you?

Who raised you? What were their roles in your family? Did your family and upbringing reflect the typical family in your culture?

-I grew up in an urban setting in a middle class neighborhood that was mostly occupied with minorities. I was raised by my foster mother and her four children. I went from living with just me and my mom to having a full family with many siblings. Oh when I first moved in with the family I noticed they didn’t have a dad but neither did I so I thought that was normal but come to find out they had one he was just away serving in the military.

What holidays, traditions, and foods symbolize your culture?

-we typically had the same cultures and traditions but one thing I distinctly remember differently around holiday season was the making of chitterlings. I had never heard of that food before in my life.

What were common industries or professions in your hometown or culture? Was there a major industry that employed most workers, or was it a diverse working community?

-growing up in a military town most of the well-paying jobs were on the base so most people will try to work on base.

How does your culture view conflict? Do people openly engage in conflict? Is it viewed in a positive or negative way?

How does your culture feel about authority? Are elders respected unconditionally? Do people challenge authority?

-yes elders are definitely respected unconditionally. It seems like authority is being challenged more with the younger generation then it was when I was younger.

Are people in your culture blunt or reserved with communication? Do people openly express ideas and feelings? Do people avoid direct expressions of verbal messages?

-I grew up expressing feelings and ideas but I noticed when I went to my foster home feelings were expressed much it was kind a like things were just dealt with silently.

Is your culture community oriented or was your culture more focused on individuals or family groups? Did it feel like you were living inside a “big family” in your town or community? Did it feel like each family was separate and independent from others?

-growing up with my foster family I can say the community that we lived in did things in groups like we would have cookouts all the time, block parties, trail rides, etc. During these events each family would have their own tits set up but people water spend the day going from tent to tent mingling mingling.

Following the interview, you will create a report that highlights areas of your interviewee’s culture. The report should be at least two pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, and 1 inch margin all around. Include the interviewee’s name and phone number at the top of the essay. Format the report with #1. – give your response and example for each question; #2, etc.

Here are the questions to address in your essay. Answer all questions about your interviewee’s culture .

Was your interviewee from an individualistic or collectivistic culture? What information helped you to determine your answer?

Was your interviewee’s from a more masculine or feminine oriented culture? Why?

Did your interviewee come from an explicit-rule culture or an implicit-rule culture? What information helped you determine your answer?

Has the interviewee discovered differences and/or similarities in verbal and or nonverbal communication?

How do values differ between the cultures? Are there any values in common?

How does knowing this information impact the way you would work with someone from this cultural background? Use an example to illustrate two specific tips/ideas that you’ve learned and could pass on to others who may work with someone from this culture.

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