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I have attached all the requirements for these 2 assignments. Please read carefully to have a better idea of how to develop these assignments. There are some shrt videos that need to be watched to the develop the assignment.

For each prompt below, respond with a college-level five-sentence paragraph. You should use
terminology from the lectures and/or course videos in your discussion. Do more than mention
the terms, show that you understand them by giving examples. You should have distinct
paragraphs, proper capitalization, spelling, grammar, and organization. You should
address all the prompts below in your post. Then respond to two classmates’ posts. Your
responses should refer to course material and add to the discussion. It should be at least five
Consider your own non-verbal behavior are there behaviors you have that you should
work to change or control in certain situations?
Think of some recent interactions you had with others, how did non-verbal
communication come into play and impact the conversation?
Discuss anything that blew your mind, you think is untrue, or you found interesting in
either one or both of the Ted Talks. Why?
This is the learning module video on Non-verbal Communication.

The video below provides examples of non-verbal communication. Actors rely
heavily on the study of non-verbal communication to master their craft.

Read the article and video embedded in the article link below. Pay close
attention to paragraphs 3 & 4 of the article.
This video shows differences in non-verbal hand communication throughout the

These are some tips on non-verbal communication from a non-verbal
communication expert.

The video below discusses the importance of managing our non-verbal

The video below discusses a study (which has been subject to criticism) that
implies that we can use non-verbal behaviors to change our emotions and how
we feel.

Complete the short reflection paper on this week’s learning module.
• After watching the videos, please write a short reflection paper including all you
have learned this week. Please include terminology used in the videos to
develop your writing, also add some personal related to the videos.
This is the video for the learning module.

The video below discusses the difference in the over 7000 languages that are spoken in
their world and their impacts on our cognitive aptitudes and thoughts. You will be
surprised to learn that the differences are deeper than words and sounds, but based on
the fabric of the culture they have centered around.

The video below explains the difference between concrete and abstract nouns.
Concrete nouns are physical and generally have more agreed-upon meaning while
abstract nouns are not physical and have less agreed upon and connotative meaning.
As you watch this video, think about how really difficult ABSTRACT nouns are to agree
on their meaning. This is a catchy (but not really cool) song … so I am sorry if you are
humming it later!!!!

In the following commercial, the exact same words are used in two opposite situations.
This is a good example of how the use of language is contextual, connotative, and
ultimately symbolic. This also emphasizes how open to interpretation language is.
The video below looks at common phrases in our society. As you watch the video,
think about the message you receive from the phrase if you are a member of the
group mentioned in the phrase.

The video below provides more information on the use of powerless language and how
to improve on this issue.

The video below discusses how language may impact how you actually spend, save
money, and treat your health.

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