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Kelli Lynn

Advanced Practice Nursing Module 5 Discussion

What Must be Included in the Results Section

A research article should present the findings of whatever was studied along with the conclusions and interpretations. Any generalizations or implications for future research and recommendations are always presented in two significant areas: the results section and the discussion of the results.

The results section is the analysis of the data. It should reflect the question that is asked or the hypothesis that is tested. It should identify the tests that were used in order to test any hypothesis. Within the results section of a research paper, the description of the main findings of the research should be found. The results section shows the relevance of the explained findings of the study.

The research results section will allow the researchers to expose all the data gathered from the project. The general description of what was deduced from the research should be presented logically. It is expected that all results would have corresponding methods described and that no new data would suddenly appear in the Results section (Sahni, 2018). The results area should be presented in a manner that has a passive voice and only focuses the attention upon the results instead of the researchers.

What Should be Included in the Discussion Section

The discussion section interprets the results and will provide essential aspects and the significance of the findings from the research. The discussion portion of a research paper should be concise in this summary of findings. It should cover the interpretation and the deduction of any results that correlate to the hypothesis.

The discussion section discusses the findings. It will talk about the study’s limitations, explain the statistical and clinical significance, and present any recommendations for current or future practice. Essentially the discussion section of a research paper allows one to give a closing argument. It should highlight the importance of a study and how it can contribute to understanding a research problem. It should fill in the literature gaps that have not been previously exposed or adequately described. It should always engage the reader to think outside the box about issues, and it should effectively convey the ability of a researcher to think or develop critical and creative solutions to problems to come up with a more profound understanding.

The discussion area is where the method that was utilized for research can either oppose or affirm the work that was done based on the findings. A discussion area is also a place where any limitations of the studies can be presented and recommendations of what could be adjusted to enhance more quality results in the future.

Select a Research Result

Results: Among 217 survey respondents (51.7%), the median frequency of the emotional exhaustion domain of burnout was once per week. Adjusted analyses revealed that a greater proportion of physician FTE on the care team was associated with a lower emotional exhaustion domain of burnout among individual clinicians (P=.05). Female clinicians had a higher emotional exhaustion domain of burnout than male clinicians (P=.05). None of the other variables in the model were associated with emotional exhaustion (Bruhl et al., 2020).

The results section somewhat conveyed statistical analysis as evidenced by (P=.05). The P value should not be the one measure of whether an effect is natural. It does not convey the identification of tests used. The research result strength was not discussed, nor were any limitations identified.

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