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Judith SmithSt.

Health professionals can take different actions to promote population and community health regardless of their practice area and site. In other words, giving helpful information or doing something helpful for the community does not have to be in your area of specialty. Sometimes, this might be the mindset of health care professionals. Health care is one of the largest industries out there. Health care is very broad, so the scope of practice is also broad. There are many things that a health care provider can do without being in their practice are. For example, a medical surgical nurse can also provider her services in the community as well without needing certification for that. It all boils down to evidence base practice. Once you have basic knowledge, you can apply it by helping in the community to provide valuable care and information. Everyone deserves the right to equal health care. No one is greater than one when it comes to providing health. Everyone should be treated equally with the quality of care that they receive. It should not matter if you are poor or rich, we are all humans. In some areas like the poorer areas or rural areas, people tend to get sick because either they are too poor to try get some help, or they are not educated enough to go out there and seek information or maybe they live in a rural area where they are far away from everything and its hard to get information or the care that they need in a timely manner. Everyone should be provided with health education, phone numbers and addresses that they can get help when they need it and social protection. Nurses are major players in the public health workforce. Therefore, it is imperative that nurses, regardless of their practice arena, be aware of and advocate for evidence based public health policy (Mason, 2016). As nurses it does not matter where we are, we should always practice being an advocate and good Samaritan. When we took the oath, it was to do no are and protect our patients. Some specific actions that health professionals can take regardless of their practice area and site to promote population and community health are first it is necessary to better understand and address the underlying causes of poor health. Many physicians avoid asking about social issues, preferring to focus on medical treatment and lifestyle counseling (Andermann, 2016). This is where physicians just treat the medical aspect of the problem and not the root cause. So, one action is to get to the root cause of the problem and if health care workers can fix or make it better then health care will also improve. Another specific action that health professionals can take regardless of their practice area and site to promote population and community health is to hold a free health fair open to the community. Also, for those in the rural area, one should be set up in their area as well so that they can benefit. In this way, people can come out and have their vitals and blood sugar taken. They can also get a free education about their health. Another way is to address the basic needs of the community by providing a food bank where they can get food. Health care workers can also volunteer at non-profit organizations that offer social services that contribute to the health of your community. Nurses can also further their education to see how they can be an asset to their community to help others. References Brooks, L. A., Manias, E., & Bloomer, M. J. (2018, October 12). Culturally sensitive communication in healthcare: A concept analysis. Collegian. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1322769617303153. Mason, D. J., Gardner, D. B., Outlaw, F. H., & O’Grady, E. T. (2016). Policy & politics in nursing and health care. Elsevier.

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