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Think  about a good or bad service experience that you have had. Briefly  describe the experience. What factors contributed to this experience?  What changes could have been made to make this an even better service  experience? Why is service marketing important?

Respond to peers:

I went to Blue Heaven, a restaurant in Key West, Florida. I had a very bad experience with the restaurant. When I entered the restaurant, there was no one standing to welcome, entertain and guide the customers coming to their restaurant. I went to the manager to know about my booking, which was already done online for two. Firstly he ignored my words, then a second time when I asked him, he replied very aggressively and showed me my reserved seats. He didn’t take me to the place which according to me was not at all ethical when it comes to a service industry (Rather, 2019).

We both got seated and the menu was placed on our seats. We selected some of the Italian cuisines, two types of desserts, and two beverages to drink. After the selection was done, we waited very long for the waiter to greet us and take our order. After he took the order, we waited for almost an hour to get the food. The waiter then came up with the incomplete order, which was very disappointing. The food was also not as per the expectations and reputation of the restaurant (Peter & Donnelly, 2019).

The staffs were very much ignorant and the chef was also not well experienced in cooking food which all together contributed to this experience. The manager was very aggressive and proud. The restaurant must provide proper training to its staff and manager to make the customer experience better in the future. The chef must be changed or made to learn the recipes which would attract the customers again and again. To maintain the market reputation, service marketing is very important for the companies operating in the service industry. More staff must be hired to serve the customers better and faster (Peter & Donnelly, 2019).

Service marketing plays a very important role for the folding industry as the customers who visit once, prefer to visit again at the same place when they are greeted and served well. Being in the food industry, restaurants can’t reach every single customer and serve their food. For this, they have to create an ambiance loved by the people which makes them visit the same place again and again and make them their loyal customers as this industry works on the customers who help in developing a long chain of other customers by reviewing them about the place and invite them to visit once and enjoy the greeting and ambiance which they had experienced (Islam, 2018).

Peer two:

I had a good and practical service experience when I visited one of the famous restaurants in New York city. As I entered the restaurant, I received a grand welcome from the person standing at the entrance and welcoming the customers with a pleasant and smiling face that attracted me to enter the restaurant. Then immediately after entering the restaurant, one of the staff assigned me a seat, and he was found to be very sincere in performing his work. Then the waiter visited my table with a food menu, and he waited patiently until I went through the whole menu also helped me to understand what ingredients are used in the dish. Menu was full of variety of food items meaning they had lot of options to eat. The place was very busy since it was holiday period, but the service was fast, and they did not keep people waiting for long time. When the food arrived at the table it looked very presentable and was very delicious and tasty. This shows that the chefs in that restaurant were very skilled and had a good experience in their profession. Also, the restaurant’s management had appointed good musicians who continue to play the guitar effectively with good music, it was not loud music so I could enjoy talking with my friends while having food. This represents that their main aim is to entertain the customers (Krisnatalia, 2021).

The factors that contributed to obtaining this kind of good experience in the restaurant was the dedication and effective management of the managers at the restaurants, also the capabilities of the chefs, staff, waiters in offering tasty food, good services represents that they all are found to be very skilled, experienced and have potential capabilities of performing their jobs effectively and successfully.

There are some changes I would like to recommend such as decorating the walls with portraits or pictures and making the restaurants more attractive with flowers at the reception’s desk this could help in rapidly increase their customers (Joseph, 2020). I also wish they continue such good service experiences by the entire restaurant management towards their customers without any failures by adopting suitable improvements.

For any success of the business organization or any type of other industry, service marketing’s role is considered significant. This is mainly because the customers are attracted more, and they feel convenient and comfortable to continue with the company or industry only when they receive good services from them. Therefore, without any failure all the organizations or industries should ensure all their customers with good service customer satisfaction.

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