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I chose the company Theranos.  I started a small part of the paper and it is attached.

Write a 4–5 page paper in which you:

State the name of the organization and describe its mission and purpose. Provide details about the company.

Explain in detail the facts of the event that generated negative publicity, crisis, or scandal. Discuss why this situation would create negative publicity.

Create the specific goals your campaign will try to achieve and justify why you chose these goals.

Design and explain the steps you will take to achieve your goals.

Discuss six of the ethical core values that a PR professional should employ in responding to the crisis (Chapter 6). Identify the internal and external stakeholders who will be affected by your actions.

Compose an evaluation plan and explain how you will use it to assess the outcome of your campaign.

Additional Requirements

Include a conclusion to summarize your points.

Theranos was developed to be a cutting edge medical company that would be able to give medical test
results with a droplet of blood. The company was started by Elizabeth Holmes who was a very smart woman. She
dropped out of Stanford to start Theranos. The goal of Theranos was to develop technologies that would enable us to
make it possible for more people, in more places, to get the laboratory tests they need. Elizabeth Holmes really
believed that she had what it took to change the way lab tests were run and could help detect different ailments
sooner therefore increasing the lifespan. Theranos had a value of $9 billion dollars at its height. From 2004 to 2016,
they were able raise over $700 million in capital investments. Started in 2004 with just a dream, Holmes was able to
make people buy into her vision and what she set out to be the future. By selling a dream, she eventually would have
to make this dream a reality and this is where her issues started.
After raising this type of money from investors, Theranos was very slow to produce on the promises that
they made. They were hiring the best and the brightest to get them to the next level. Each time they hit a snag and it
was called out, they either fired the person (whom they made sign a NDA) or gave them somewhere else to work in
the company that would allow them to still be employed, but not in the same area with the same level of access.

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