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Answer separately:

1. Compare and contrast the internal levels of change and resistance, and then conclude which level would be the most difficult to address. Justify your rationale with specific examples.

2. Respond to Classmate:

Organizational Development and Strategy:

Amazon Competitive Advantage

Amazon.com is a one of the most rapid growth website and sustained for trading product since 1995 by Jeffrey Bezos. Amazon.com, Inc., from the website book store for selling book and CD online expand to almost every IT service such as, cloud data storage service, search engine, e-reader and digital – media service. At first Amazon come up with a task serves consumers through its websites, where customer can find anything they need to buy online and focus on selection, price, and convenience of the customer. Amazon came on the market selling books online with an interested idea, why would people buy a textbook online when they could go to a local bookstore? Then, a revolutionary of consumer change in culture and groupthink took place. So they have an idea about product to sell were “hard goods,” those things people didn’t have to touch, feel or smell in order to buy, such as books, computers and other electronics. Amazon offers sellers to sell their products on Websites and their own branded Websites, and allow authors, musicians, filmmakers, application developers, and others to publish and sell content.

Amazon designs its Websites to enable to be sold by the Company and by third parties. Amazon offers customers the lowest prices possible through everyday product pricing and shipping offers, including through membership in Amazon Prime, and to improve its operating efficiencies so that it can continue to lower prices for its customers. In 2000, Amazon.com began to offer its best of era of e-commerce platform to other retailers and to individual sellers.

The company entered the e-book hardware industry in 2007 with the release of the original Kindle reader. The Kindle family has now grown to include Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE Wireless, with HD display, Dolby Digital Plus, and 4G connectivity; and Kindle Paper white, the world’s most advanced e-reader.

Amazon competitive advantage strategy is responsiveness to customers. Nowadays, competitive environment,

training up employees

is an important step in the effort to improve productivity. To receive the efficiency feedback from customer employees need to training to handle the unfortunate situation.

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