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For your final reflection paper, you will respond to a number of questions about the experience. Papers should be 2-4 double-spaced pages and you can upload the file directly to this Moodle box. I can only access word .doc files or .pdfs (so if you use a different software program like .pages, you should first convert it to a .pdf to upload). Further instructions for this assignment are provided in the attached document.

If you go on moodle go on the class page you can access all the meditation reflections I have done daily (that way you know how the meditations went everyday and what was my experience doing it) please let me know if you can’t find the daily reflections

Mindfulness Meditation Project
Final Reflection Paper
For your final reflection paper, you will respond to each of the following questions. Papers
should be 2-4 double-spaced pages.
1. What were your experiences with or attitudes about mindfulness meditation going into
this project? Had you ever meditated before? Did you have an interest in meditation or
did it seem like an unwelcome chore? (3 points)
2. How can meditation be thought of as a self-control conflict? Identify the competing
short-term and long-term goals. Discuss one method of increasing self-control that
would help you be successful in this self-control conflict. (You should refer to research
from our section on self-control.) (4 points)
3. Think back over the last few weeks in which you were meditating every day. Did your
experience change over the course of the project? For example, did it become easier or
harder to focus your mind? (3 points)
4. Did you notice any changes in your health over the course of this project? Did you have
an easier (or harder) time falling asleep? Were you more (or less) focused during the
day? Did you experience more (or less) stress? (4 points)
5. Think back to your first journal entry, in which you defined what it would mean to be
successful in the mindfulness meditation project from your own personal perspective.
By your own standards, were you successful? Why or why not? (4 points)
6. Do you think that you will continue to meditate now that this project is over? Why or
why not? (2 points)

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