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make a PPT presentation with creative ideas and good, creative and professional template

please follow the guideline in the uploaded picture.

Also put the reference in every slide and at the end

I have put a good time for you to have a good content and creative presentation

Final Project Details:
After choosing and registering your group mates’ names with your instructor (group of 3), you
are to choose a convenient product and reposition it with a considerably higher price (premium
price). You and your team mates will pitch your sales presentation to your instructor and class
mates, who will then judge whether they buy (invest in) the concept or not. (all group members
are expected to work on ALL parts of presentations, questions at the end will be directed
randomly at group members)
The following table shows Rubrics of the final project overall mark.
Introduction (1)
Not clearly stated
about the topic
Presents the topic but does
not engage the reader
Clearly presents the topic
in informative
Summarise and offer
excellent overview of the
Conclusion (1)
Lacks an identifiable
Summarise and repeat what has
been said
Sensible flow but consistent
Logical Flow (1)
No logical flow,
confusing, choppy
Logical and consistent
Layout (1)
Poor labelling of
sections, sub-topics,
tables and figures
Improper and inconsistent
Sections, sub-topics,
tables and figures are
clearly labelled
Sentencing (1)
Poor sentence
connection, long
Acceptable sentencing but not
clear enough
Excellent connection with
clear sentences
Innovation (1)
No innovation, poor
execution plan
Good idea, but poorly explained
Innovative and clear
steps of implication
Plan of launching
Personal point of view
Fact but unclearly stated
Excellent use of reports
and articles
Measurement of
success (1)
No tools
One tool
More than one tool of
No reference
Available but inadequate, no
Proper referencing
compilation of reference
Content (2)
Fulfils a few
requirements of the
Fulfils the minimum
requirements of the assignment
Fulfils most of the
Organization (1)
Lack of sequence of
Acceptable sequence
Excellent sequence
Elocution (1)
Clear pronunciation in
some parts of the
Clear and correct pronunciation
in most parts of the presentation
Excellent and precise
pronunciation in all parts
of the presentation
Body Language
and appearance
Moves too much,
reading, and no eye
Not too much movement, but no
eye contact
Attractive movements
and eye contact
Use of time (1)
(15 minutes)
Presentation exceeds
the time frame but
Good time management
Excellent time
management and keep
an appropriate pace for
each point presented
Deadline will be communicated shortly after the semester begins.
Submissions are through PSU EDU-HUB. Any submission the deadline will
be dismissed by the system. And the student will receive the grade of zero.
Make sure you cover the following:
1. Brief introduction
2. New idea proposition and rationale.
3. Selling pitch.
4. Closing the sale.
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