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For your term paper in this course you need to make some research on one of the following
major excavation sites listed below:

Troy (on the coast of Western Asia Minor – modern Turkey)

Thera or Santorini or Akrotiri (Cycladic island of the Aegean – modern Greece)

Mycenae (Mycenaean civilization, Argolid, Greece)

Knossos (Minoan civilization, Island of Crete, Greece)

Çatalhöyük (Anatolia)

Ur (the Royal cemetery in southern Iraq, Mesopotamia)

Valley of the Kings (Egypt)

Pompei (Roman culture)

Teotihuacan (Mexico)

Copan (Maya culture, Honduras).

Tenochtitlan (Atzec culture)

Cusco or Cuzco (Inca culture).
The above sites represent also major civilizations all over the world that developed during a
vast span of time.


For your assignment you need to choose one of the above archaeological sites. Your project
should have two parts. The first part should include the following information about the
specific site: Geographical information, chronology, site description (e.g. palace, cemetery),
important finds (e.g. statues, jewelry, weapons). From the finds, pick up one that you find
more interesting and focus on presenting it in detail. This object could also be a building
or a temple, palace or tomb that was discovered inside the broader archaeological site.

The second part should include your research on the civilization that the specific site
belongs to (e.g. Anatolian, Mesopotamian or Near Eastern culture, Minoan, Mycenaean
civilization, Egyptian, Roman, Maya, Atzec, Inca). Write general information about the above
cultures: e.g. society, administration, burial habits.

It would be also good if you include a couple of visual materials (e.g a photo of the site and/or
your object, a map etc.)


Your paper should be about 5 pages long, double spaced, excluding bibliography, references
and photos. You should use Times New Roman 12 font. At the end of the paper you should
have the Bibliography used. References, which you could put either at each page or at the
end of your essay, should be written in a consistent documentation style, according to the
AJA/APA or MLA annotation system.

Internet sources are acceptable, as long as they are fully and properly cited. You should also
indicate in detail the sources of any images used (photos, architectural plans,
reconstructions, etc.). In any case, any kind of plagiarism will result to an F grade for the

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