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The Challenges of Old Age


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Every aspect of abnormal psychology can be looked at by considering these three questions:

1. To what extent does biology & the physical body play a role?

2. To what extent does culture & society play a role?

3. To what extent does the individual’s life circumstances & upbringing play a role?

Apply these questions to old age!

1. In 200+ words, explain a specific biological/physical challenge that can present itself in old age. Explain what the challenge is, why you chose it, and what important factors we should keep in mind if we encounter this in ourselves or others.

2. In 200+ words, explain a specific cultural/societal challenge that can present itself in old age. Explain what the challenge is, why you chose it, and what important factors we should keep in mind if we encounter this in ourselves or others.

3. In 200+ words, explain a specific challenge involving individual life circumstances and upbringing that can present itself in old age. Explain what the challenge is, why you chose it, and what important factors we should keep in mind if we encounter this in ourselves or others.

4. In 100+ words, respond to another student’s post. Let them know what stood out to you in their post, and why.

Written by my classmate

1. I believe a huge topic that isn’t talked about enough or taken serious enough is stretching coupled with diet health. I mean we hear stuff about this but we as normal people don’t necessarily take this issue at full strength I believe. This is an important topic to me because diabetes and being bigger than most runs in my family. And I’m natural big, so health has always been a huge concern since my early childhood, but food health and body well-being has become so important to me since the pandemic started and will continue to be important to me from a life point of view. During the pandemic I’ve learned so much food facts from research, personal experimentation and youtube videos. I’ve learned that a-lot of stuff is processed food and how determentral it can be your body long term. I know for me, I want to live a very long time into my grandkids lives and see them grow up. The stretching aspect I think is important because I suffered an knee injury all because I wasn’t the best stretcher if any at all. I do it now and I feel like a new person mentally and physically. I think this can help people as a whole and better their moods and lives, especially during these trying times. It also helps for when we are in our later years still be mobile.

2. I believe a societal issue or challenge that will still present itself even in my olden age is racism, I say this because I’m a Black man in America and I’m lucky enough to have a sociology degree and be conscious and realistic with my expectations of the world. my parents talked about racism alot when I was growing up and it’s gotten better but nowhere near where it needs to be. As a 23 year old and what we’ve gone through as a country through the past president, I feel like we took a huge step backwards as a society. Or maybe just opened our eyes to what was already there, we were just blind of the decent years we had. I think the challenge is everyone won’t agree, thats just human nature and a fantasy honestly to think we all as a population would agree on something as important as this. For example feel the death penalty is a good thing while others believe who are we to say we are “God” and judge and jury. I think the one thing that will always worry or haunt me especially as I get older into my latent years, Is how will my children and their children handle this, because I hope I willl have had went through the worst of the racism, I got lucky to be very conscious of it a young age, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed the knowledge or having to walk on egg shells everywhere I went. I hope we are better and more moral as society and just do better by the one common law as “people” and that is equality.

3. Lastly the challenge I expect to endure involving individual life circumstances in my older years is more than likely savings and retirement planning. As of lately I’ve been watching alot of how to live off of X amount of money a year, and how they put so much money into their savings account and retirement plans. I know my parents never talked about this because we were always behind or needing money to eat or fix something so those talks or plans were never something realistic you could say. Lately, I’ve grown worrisome on my own savings and finances, I’ve recently gotten a great paying job after completing my BA, and getting ready for graduate school. I think I’m just like I need more money or another job even though I have one if I want to succeed or live in safety like them with no worries or even get married so my cost of living can go down by a great amount honestly. I think I worry so much that I lose sleep thinking about it, I think too much about and it’s crazy because I’ve only recently just graduated college and just 23 with the rest of my life ahead of me. I think our society’s living cost and sense of needing to have everything figured out already is what kills me and drives me nuts. I believe in things happening in devine timing but the pressure to have everything figured out worries me and has me always thinking am I where I’m supposed to be? or Have I made it. I think the worry of getting into my olden age and being like did I actually do right by society standards or my own will be the thing that affects me the most, I hope I Iive by my own standards and live up to my own and no one elses.

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