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Under specific circumstances, you can also compose an art piece, sketchbook, sculpture, or another form of artistic expression depicting an aspect of Nutritional Anthropology. In order to be approved for an art project you need to submit or show me samples of your artwork. This option is generally only available to art majors or individuals that have artistic ability. If you are considering this format for your final project, you will need to contact me and submit examples. Not everyone will be approved, and approval is completely dependent on artistic ability and vision. This prevents a disastrous final project and a failing final project grade. Your grade will also partly depend on showing me how your art piece is progressing during the progress papers. An art project must be comparable to the time, effort and expertise that is reflected in a research paper. Please keep in mind, if you opt for an art project be sure that you clarify with me first, and that this format has been approved. An art project submitted without my approval will not be graded. If you decide for an art project, you must be

willing to donate your final piece

. If you are not willing to donate, do not opt for an art project.

The choice of format is really up to you. This is your chance to engage in a project topic and format that speaks to you. I grade everything with a high standard in mind.

Please note: Your final project




will need to be approved by me before you start composing your final project.

There are so many ideas and subjects that can be covered. However, I cannot let two people cover the same subject with too much overlap. Therefore, make sure you select your topic soon, or

that you are willing to research other topics because your first choice may not be available. Also, I’ll challenge you to refine your topic focus so that multiple people can do their project on the same broad subject, but with different foci. There is another file in the Final Project Information module named Student Selected Topics. This file will be updated regularly with your chosen topic ideas and format. You are welcome to view this file, as it will help you select a topic that is not taken.

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