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A lot of environmental problems (for example, climate change, attitudes
waste, choices associated with driving a car rather than walking or
require people to change their behaviour.
In 2,500 words, write a report that describes, justifies and critiques
a method (or more than one method) that would allow you to study
the motivation of the citizens of a small town to change their
behaviour with regards to a particular environmental problem of
your choice.
Note that tables, boxes, figures, list of references and appendices are not
included in
the 2,500 words count.
Please include:
a) Possible title (in the form of a question) for the study clearly stating
environmental problem of your choice.
b) 250 words introduction
c) 800 words literature review justifying the study
d) 1200 words discussion of the proposed method (including references
on methodological approaches): What method (or combination of
methods) could be used and why? What are the advantages and
drawbacks of the method (or methods) selected and why? If interviews
are proposed, then include list of possible questions (placed in appendix
– not part of the 2,500 words). If questionnaires are proposed, then
include a draft of the questionnaire (placed in appendix – not part of the
2,500 words). How would people be selected and why? Ethics and
health & safety issues need to be discussed as applicable. How would
the data be analysed and why? What results are expected and why?
e) 250 words conclusion
Choice of references: references must include at least 15 academic
references from books or papers/articles published in international
refereed journals. Plus, make sure that five of these academic
references must have been published in years 2022 or 2021.
Some extra advice – read carefully as it will affect your mark:
• Your report should be well-researched, well-structured and well-referenced.
• Please use references not only from books but also from papers published in
international refereed journals. At postgraduate level all students should
include at least 15 references from books and international refereed journals.
Assignments that rely exclusively on a few non-refereed internet sources
normally receive a mark of less than 50%.
• Five academic references must be from years 2022 or 2021.
• Please impose an explicit structure by having numbered sub-headings
closely linked to the overall argument (N.B. 1st section is the “1. Introduction”
and the final is the “conclusions”).
• Please make sure you mix, compare and contrast your references. It is not
acceptable for example to have three pages of your assignment drawn
completely from a single reference – even if you are paraphrasing, it may run
the risk to be marked as plagiarism.
• Please use the Harvard system of referencing for all references, i.e.
including all electronic references
• Don’t write the assignments for the marker – instead write them for an
averagely educated reader. So for example, it is not enough to say “in the
fieldtrip it was observed that …”. The reader does not know what the fieldtrip
was about, or where and when took place, therefore you need to explain
(either in the main text, appendix or footnote).

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