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1. In the pilot episode of THE SOPRANOS, in Tony’s storyline, what moment is the end of

act one? What moment is the midpoint? What moment is the end of act two? What is

the twist at the end of the episode and how does it give viewers a reason to watch next

week? (You should identify the moment with a description of what happens and/or a

timecode when it happens. You should also explain WHY you think this moment the

end of act one, or the midpoint, etc). (250-500 words, 20 possible points).


2. What aspects of the RAMY episode “Strawberries” make it a story best suited for internet

distribution? What challenges might this episode face if it aired on a

network or cable channel supported by advertising, for example? (250-500 words, 20

possible points).

3. Compare and contrast abandonment of realism in the SOUTH PARK episode “Scott Tenorman Must Die” and the BOJACK HORSEMAN episode “The BoJack Horseman Story:

Chapter One.” What aspects of these stories are realistic and could happen in the real

world? What aspects of these stories are unrealistic or could not exist in the real world?

Why do you personally think some of the unrealistic elements are included in the story?

(250-500 words, 20 possible



4. According to lecture, what are some of the characteristics of adult animated television? Based on the methodology of production described in Jay Holdben’s article “The Mandalorian: This is the Way,” do you believe THE MANDALORIAN is an adult animated show? Why or why not? Make sure to include specific references to the lecture materials, article and episode in your response. (250-500 words, 20 possible points).

5. After reading about Kurt Vonnegut’s Shapes of Stories, what story shape do you believe ATLANTA will be based on the assigned episode, “The Big Bang?” What story shape do you believe TRANSPARENT will be based on the assigned episode? Defend you answers with specific examples from the episodes and Vonnegut. (250-500 words, 20 possible points)


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