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1 page paper on:

What knowledge, skills do you expect to acquire in this course: DNP Role and Essentials/ Interprofessional Teams

Based on syllabus review, assignment overview, and discussion in week 1(Summarizing 6 peer review article in an annotated bibliography format), do you expect to learn what you expected?

Do you have recommendations on how to achieve or acquire your expectations?

Attached is the course syllabus for your use/reference

Part Two

Short writing assignment-(



A) 8-10


I) from the work of the week (Above)

B) share two ways you could


(A)the information you read or learned during the week,

C) list two of the


(L) clear concepts or topics of the week and lastly,

D) Share one helpful


(R) you found this week in all the reading you did either for this class, another class or during your work and state why the resource is helpful.

Sylabus: DNP
Role and Interprofessional Teams!
Course Description: As an introductory course to the DNP program, students examine
the DNP essentials, as well as current trends and future directions of the DNP role
within the context of a diverse, global healthcare environment. This includes focusing on
role socialization, inter-professional collaboration, and clinical and leadership abilities as
an advanced practice nurse. Students are also introduced to the options and
requirements for the DNP Scholarly Project.
Click here to download a PDF copy of your syllabus.
Course Objectives:
1. Analyze the AACN DNP Essentials within the context of providing the highest quality
population health. LO: 1-6
2. Evaluate the evolution, past, present, and future of the role expectations of a
competent doctoral prepared nurse within a diverse, global environment. LO: 1, 2, &
3. Explore clinical and leadership opportunities of an advanced practice nurse with
inter-professional collaboration. LO: 2 & 5.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of scholarship and practice-based scholarly inquiry.
LO: 1.
5. Examine the options and requirements of a DNP Scholarly Project. LO: 1-6
Required Materials:
American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American
Psychological Association. (7th ed.).
Holly, C. (2019). Practice based scholarly inquiry and the DNP project. Springer
Publishing Co.
Zaccagnini, M. & Pechacek, J. The Doctor of Nursing Practice practice
essentials. Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Course Calendar:
An interactive list of assignments with due dates can be found here.
*In the event of extenuating circumstances, the above schedule and the procedures for
this course are subject to change.
Evaluation and Grading Policy:
Doctoral students will be evaluated in NSG 6110 through writing assignments using
APA 7th ed. and scholarly interactions with the material, other students, and the
instructor. No exams or quizzes will be given in this course. However, ALL assignments
must be completed in order to pass this course, even assignments that are late and
receive 0 points. Total points for this course is 1000 and you can see the breakdown in
the Grading section below.

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